The effects of the full moon 🌚


The recent discoveries are super interesting! Here’s an article that connects the moon phases to our DNA:

how could the Moon be affecting people if light isn’t the only factor? That part remains unclear, but researchers have their theories. One such theory is that humans have internal clocks that regular more than just the 24-hour day and sleep/wake cycles. Many animals have instinctual responses to times of the year, even if seasonal changes don’t bring with them dramatic changes in the weather. It’s possible that humans have long had a similar adaptation, and that staying up late when the moon is bright is burned into our DNA. Of course, that’s just a theory.


I always find this stuff interesting! My best friend & I have both been officially practicing our crafts for about a year now. I’ve been in sync with the moon phases since the summer! I just take it as a little reminder that I’m in touch with my mind/body/the universe. Her & I have been synced up since our early 20s, so she’s right there with me! I legitimately ovulate with the new moon, it’s beautiful!


These are both fascinating articles, @Cat and @Francisco! :heart_eyes: It is always such a pleasure to see studies documenting how people are influenced by the moon :full_moon:

I found myself agreeing with this quote from the article:

“They found that, in the days leading up to a full moon, people tend to go to sleep later and sleep for fewer hours.”

Over the past week I’ve had such an abundance of energy at bed time that I keep jumping up to get things done or writing in my journal :open_book: :sweat_smile:

While there are benefits to keeping to a routine, I’m starting to think going to bed at the same time each night all month may not be the best option for me. From what the study explained in these articles say, I’m considering going to bed a bit later when the full moon is on the way :thinking:

Great food for thought! :grin:

And congrats to @Haley and your friend for one year of practicing- that’s a big milestone! Hooray to both of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch, I’ve been losing sleep like crazy, too, it’s always good to have things re-confirmed as to why. I’m glad that you find this article as helpful and informative as I do.