*“The incredible eatable *Blueberry***

Many thanks to (Blueberry - Wikipedia) And the University of Washington State for their information and articles.

The incredible eatable Blueberry

Blueberries are a widely distributed and widespread group of perennialplants with blue or purple berries. They are classified in the section Cyanococcus within the genus. Vaccinium also include cranberries bilberries, huckleberries an Madeira blueberries.[1] Commercial blueberries—both wild (lowbush) and cultivated (highbush)—are all native to North America. The highbush varieties were introduced into Europe during the 1930s. - Wikipedia

The blueberry is one of the few native berry plants in North America, and it has many uses. Jams, jelly’s, pies, cakes, blueberry lemonade, muffins, breads, cobblers, pancakes and more. This nutritional berry can be eaten right off the bush, mixed with other foods, served warm, hot, cold or frozen.

Blueberries can not boast of significant size although they’re trying to increase production of berries per plant…

In the last month of spring, flowers with rounded petals and a very faint aroma bloom on the Bush, which, however, is able to attract insects for pollination.
A hint of the first berries appears in early summer, and they ripen by the beginning of August. Blueberries may look bluish at first, but this is all because of the layer of wax on them. If the blueberries are washed well, they take on their true coal-black appearance.

People from ancient times were called the blueberry anti-aging berry. And this benefit of blueberries for the human body is really undeniable, because the berry contains a lot of antioxidants that help the body fight not only with malignant tumors, but also with various age-related changes. - WUSM

They contain Iron; Potassium; Calcium; Cobalt; [Magnesium]Manganese; Copper; Nickel; Phosphorus. It also contains almost all existing vitamin groups and substances that can gently and efficiently cleanse the body of all harmful substances.

Speaking of vitamins, especially allocate a huge amount of vitamins B1, B2, E, as well as ascorbic and nicotinic acids.

It is the bioactive compounds contained in this berry that give it healing qualities. So, for example, the benefits of blueberries for the human body are expressed in tannins, the action of which is aimed at maintaining stable heart function.

The black color of this berry is given by the substances anthocyanins. In addition to them in the blueberries included antioxidants, such as protoanemonin, tannin and flavonoid. They protect the body’s tissues from damage and the bad influence of harmful substances. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that the calorie content of this berry is only 43 kilocalories per hundred grams of blueberries.

If a person suffers from mild diabetes, blueberries may well be used as the main medicine to cure this disease. And all thanks to inulin an organic analog of insulin, which is part of the berries. - WUSM

The medical uses are amazing, one I found very interesting was Blueberries can purify the human body from the effects of radiation and even prevent cancer.
I don’t want to copy the whole article, (which is plagiarism) but I did set down many pertinent facts. If you find this interesting, and want more information, check out: Washington University School of Medicine: Health benefits and harms of Blueberries
PS: If you eat too many? You do not blow up like a balloon or turn blue.


Every so often I have to hear my mom tell the story that when I was a baby I’d only eat Blueberry Buckle baby food. I don’t know if it is even true. But anyway I like blueberries, and have three plants in my garden.


Wow! I didn’t know that either. Thank you for your hard work on this project. Very interesting read! I can’t wait for the fresh fruit to start hitting the markets again.


Ron, There is indeed a recipe for Blueberry Buckle, it’s like a breakfast cake/biscuit.
Find the recipe here- Best Blueberry Buckle Recipe - New England Today


I love blueberries when they’re an ingredient in things, pie, cobbler, muffins. But for some reason, I’m not that big of a fan of the berry itself. Go figure.


Amethyst, I agree, I don’t eat too many blueberries, looks too much like Smurf juice.


I’m not gonna make your innocent ears blush with what I was thinking @Garnet! HEE!


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