The Kitchen Witch House Blessing

The kitchen witch is a kind of witch that is known for their magickal cooking and baking skills. They rely on intentions and metaphysical properties of the ingredients. Using every item in the kitchen as a magical tool…for example, a wooden spoon quickly becomes an extension of the witch - a magick wand if you will!

They are said to be able to create magical foods and potions that can help or harm those who eat them. Kitchen witches are also said to be able to curse their enemies with bad luck.

Some people believe that kitchen witches are actually good luck charms, and having one in your home can bring you good fortune.

Whether you believe in the power of the kitchen witch or not, there’s no denying that they make some pretty delicious food! :hugs:

Have you dabbled in kitchen witchery??


Beautiful @SilverBear I love :heart: this!
Thank you :pray:


I bet this smells like happiness at the holidays- all of those delicious warm spices make for a really lovely blend! :incense: :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing this blessing recipe, Silverbear! :heart: