The letter F, the colour red ( and maybe a cat?)

So 2hrs on a bus i finally got home at 11.30pm after work. All the way home i ket seeing letter F and stood out, the colour red. Everytying from signs, cars, lights, even clothing and im walking home from bus station and tryibg to figure out if someobe was trying to tell me something… the a cat ran accross street… i thought maybe it could be Freya… she is associated to cats and it is friday… but her colour i had tgought wad associated to pink not red. But still it could be, but then what is the red and the letter f supposed to be… i even typing this looked down and say my hand bleeding. How id cut my habd i dont know, i dont recall hurting myself… but again blood is red… red ribbons on the bells right next to phone as type. I was just leaning on dresser where phone had been, not even intentional. But now im like what is the letter F and colour red mean… could it be Combined F Red. But i dont kbow a fred ?? Ford stuck out as past another sign but not a car place but rather ford was jusr part of bigger name. So i thought maybe a red ford. But again who or what tgats about im not sure who might have a red ford. Maybe it was just another f instance and read too much into it and now even read as in red, makes me tgink or red as in colour. And i look up to gather tboughts just now n hadnt noticed till did another read thibg on dresser. So i think its the letter f and colour red. Maybe its freya trying to say something because her name starts with f and its friday n i saw a cat on way home. But then whats the red. Could the f stand for sonetging else but again whats tge red, passion, danger, fire, energy. Im not sure but now im wracking my brain n wondering what tgis could all be about and who if not Freya is trying to reach out to say something to me. . ?:thinking: :woman_shrugging:


That’s a tough question… :thinking:

I don’t have an answer off the top of my head. I would say to keep a note about it and see if it’s a recurring theme over the next few days. Even do some divination to see if there’s a message there.


Lol that was my thought at the moment lol juat trying to figure out how or what sort to use that might help


Omg omg omg !!! I thinkni found it. Thinking of freya, i thought of runes so i looked at my rune book but the rune for F was fehu said its colour was brown, but i looked at other sources and it losten brownnbut also red!!:scream::scream::scream:omg​:hugs:im so excited. I cant be sure if this is the message was supposed to get. Id been in slight altered state, not full blown but like i was there but also not. Not sure if mafe sense, maybe that was why i noticed things, id been in state to recieve mesdagr.
I found this site on Fehu

This bit made me think of how i wss bleeding earlier

This was my ink to Freya that id thought might be there and then this

So Fehu is the rune for F, the letter that stuck out :thinking: aninal association to cat ( which also associated to Freya) the rune asssociated to Feya and Njord ( both are in my personal clan) and fehu is also associated to red.

So,omg​:scream::grin::laughing:i cant find an excited enough emoji lol its like a combined :scream: and :grin:( holdinf my face with big grin while jump up and down :joy::joy:).

Only thing is, assuming this was the message, meaning that Fehu was message and maybe its from Freya?? Im not sure exactly what it means or like what its about, but omg how exciting if it is connected or is a message of the Fehu rune, even if not sure what means yet, thats exciting cause its a start :grin::grin::grin:


That’s so exciting that they all connect! :tada: :clap: Amazing!

Now comes the hard part of figuring out what it all means :laughing: I’m sure you’ll get there!


How exciting! :star_struck:
So many matching correspondences… your icon is also red… phoenixes, fire, flowing energy, red… passion, sensuality, cats, mysteries, magic… kinda feel like drawing a map of correspondences now! :smile_cat: :sparkling_heart:


Here’s one off the top of my head, I stopped not because I couldn’t think of more connections, but because it was already getting messy with so many… :sweat_smile:

Which reminds me, I’m working on a tool / website that would allow creating much more complex personal maps of correspondences, and exploring them small slices at once :revolving_hearts: Something to get back to, life has been full of all kinds of exciting, attention-grabbing things… :smile_cat: :sparkling_heart:


Thats so cool thanks for sharing that😁


I may just of discovered links to that jigsaw puzzle spread (91 cards) that did for this month… maybe they are connected??:thinking::grin: