The magic of palindromes

Do you like palindromes? I was thinking about the word “abracadabra” and was disappointed to discover it is not spelled the same backwards. Now, I am thinking of creating some magic words that are spelled the same way backwards and forwards for spells.

Why? Why do I anything I do?

This is a true story: one day, my grandfather was writing my great grandmother’s name. He wrote it again. Then he wrote it backwards. He asked her, “Are you a witch or what?” You see, my great grandmother’s name is Mary Belle Byram, which is a palindrome. Completely coincidental and unplanned. The funny thing is my mother was named after her and Mary Byram is also a palindrome, which was also unintentional.


I am disappointed to say the family tradition was not passed down to the younger generation and my name is not a palindrome…but still…cool.

Seriously, though, palindromes have been a focus for religion and magic for centuries.
Interesting article:


Ohhhh I love playing with words- and all the better when there’s magick involved! :star_struck: Your birth name may not be a palindrome, @mary25, but I have a feeling that if you ever choose a Magickal Name it will be! :grin:

Thanks for bringing this up and also for the link to the interesting article! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve never heard of that with names. I’ve heard of it with words like bob or whatever :joy: that’s so cool to be have a name like that!!! Thank you for sharing this :blush:


That’s a great story!! I can’t believe it was unintentional!! Maybe one of your ancestors was playing with names and never told anyone? :laughing:

I love palindromes. In my country :argentina: they are considered good luck. There is a tradition where if your train or bus ticket is a palindrome number (called capicúa), you get a free ride.

I also recently read an article about an ancient amulet discovered with a palindrome inscription:

Click here to read the article and explanation.

And then there’s the Sator square which was found across ancient Rome, famously in the ruins of Pompeii.

Palindromes can be sacred but they are especially fun. Here’s one I found:

Lived on Decaf; faced no Devil.

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