The Magickal Wind Directions

Have you worked with Elemental Wind? Did you know that there are specific associations with the direction of the wind that you can utilize in your practice to make your practice more powerful and successful?
In my practice I like things to align - I feel it really ‘puts me in the zone’ and I have a better time focusing on the matter at hand.

My videos are but a mere guide - take what resonates leave behind what doesn’t. :hugs::green_heart::sparkles:


Well this opens up a whole new bunch of possibilities! :star_struck:

And lol at the North Wind being “death” (even if, like the Tarot card, it’s not usually pointing to death in the most blunt sense)- as someone who grew up in New England, I can attest that a northern wind is a rough one, especially in the winter :sweat_smile: Bring out the sweaters, snow pants, double wool hats, and two pairs of mittens! :joy:

Thank you so much @Silverbear, I really enjoyed this video- wind direction is one more exciting thing to include in casting! :wind_face: :compass: :heart:


Thank you @SilverBear

As a child, I loved walking through open spaces when the wind was blowing… Now I’m more concerned about messing up my hair :rofl:

As a witch, I will be using wind energy in my spells… thanks again :pray:

Love always…


This is inspiring, I ve never thought of using the wind, to work with intentions. I am going to try it!


What a helpful video! Wind is my favorite element. And I need help connecting to the elements for calling the quarters so, thank you.