The misadventures of Garnet

Hey all,
We have a camper and I’m not terribly enamored with the whole camping idea.
I hate to drive it because I can only go forward, sigh.

My opinion is…
Who fixes meals? Me.
Who does the laundry? Me.
Who cleans said motored house? Me.
Plus, the designated navigator? Me.
Who’s having the great adventure? Him.

When he asks if I’m having fun, I reply in a monotone. “Wow.”
Since he’s been sick, the behemoth sits in the driveway.
Blessed be and stand tall
I’m thinking of making it a planter. haha


With a title like that, it couldn’t but get my attention! I was expecting a Thelma and Louise style sex romp, but perhaps that is a future episode…

I’m sorry Rich is sick, and I wish I could think of some clever way to make it more fun for you. It is sort of a vehicle, so perhaps when he is better it can be a vehicle for transporting you to a happier adventure than cleaning?

Okay, that’s lame.

But Garnet, I absolutely love you and wish the best for you, and im sure everyone else here does, too. Perhaps you will invent Laundry Divination (sign me up!). You are Beloved by Infinite Roots (autocorrect initially made that Infinite Riots…), camper and all.


Ronnie, you are such a naughty boy, but still a charmer.!
It isn’t that Rich is sick, so much as his bones are wearing out.
Such is the price of old age. I always said I wouldn’t mind being old, but getting there is a B-t-h.
Love you, baby boy.
Bright blessings.


Sounds like you should “witch-ify” that camper (if you haven’t already)…might make things a little more yours and a little more fun…?

Hang in there Road Witch! :heart:


Have some unused space? Fill it with plants! :potted_plant: :smile: That’s always a great idea if you ask me haha. Then if you take it on the road again, it’s like a portable greenhouse! I’m sure your little plant buddies would love to go on an adventure with you (and as a bonus, they’ll never ask you to do the dishes or laundry- just a little water and sun :wink:)

Thanks for the smiles, Garnet- I look out for these fun posts of yours! They’re always a delight to read :heart:

Big hugs and lots of love! :hugs:


Oh geez :laughing: I like camping but the old-school style with tents and sleeping bags.

I like @Satu_TheGreenWitch’s idea of witch-ifying the camper - make it witchy and yours!


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