The Names of the Songs, the Poem I wrote took it's inspiration from

Hello and welcome all, if you were all wondering where I took inspiration from in writing the poems, it all comes down to the links below:

Blessed Be and Enjoy,


All copyrights of the songs are owned by its owners, I do not own any of it nor do I earn money from sharing any of the links of shared songs and it’s translations:

  1. Soyouku no Hikari / The Light of Two Wings link by Linked Horizon: Petra&Levi [Rivetra] || The Light of Two Wings(双翼のヒカリ) - YouTube
  2. 14 Lettered Message by Linked Horizon link: 14 Lettered Message - AoT Amv - YouTube
  3. Magic by Rina Aiuchi link: AMV [Detective Conan Opening 27] - MAGIC by Rina Aiuchi - YouTube
  4. Ai no Scenario by ChicowithHoneyworks, link: AMV [Magic Kaito 1412 Opening 2] - Ai no Scenario by CHiCOwithHoneyWorks - YouTube
  5. Identity by Kiro Akiyama link: 『AMV Lyrics』The Promised Neverland Season 2 Op Full 「Identity - Kiro Akiyama」 - YouTube
  6. Fiesta by: +Plus link: 【MAD】Fairy Tail魔導少年─六魔將軍【Fiesta】 - YouTube
  7. Helpless World link by Kaji Yuki, link [AOT/SNK] AMV | Helpless World - Eren Jaeger - YouTube
  8. Dark Side of the Moon by Levi Ackerman’s voice actor, link: [AOT/SNK] AMV | Dark Side of the Moon - Levi Ackerman - YouTube
  9. Not Today by BTS, link: Not Today // Attack on Titan - YouTube
  10. Abstract Lust by Kaji Yuki, link: [English Subtitle] Abstract Lust - Eren Jaeger (Kaji Yuki) - YouTube
  11. Shinzou wo Sasageyo by Linked Horizon, link: Shingeki No Kyojin - Opening 3 Full - YouTube
  12. Hope of Mankind by: Daisuke Ono, link: Erwin Smith Tribute - Hope of Mankind - YouTube

Thanks for sharing your inspiration, @Anne2! I know the songs from Shingeki no Kyoujin and the BTS song (although my kpop days are long behind me now :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) but I always love exploring new music, especially music that helps fuel creaitivty! :star_struck:

Thanks again, and blessed writing! :heart:

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You’re welcome @TheTravelWitch , I’m actually new to K pop music, it was only by watching a lot of Shingeki no Kyoujin AMV songs did I accidentally stumble upon BTS, I know most in my generation in the country are Kpop fans, I just don’t have the same taste as most within my country, this partly makes me quirky in a good way to some people. Although the main reason why I don’t end up involve in Kpop music is because of the toxicity between Kpop and anime fans seem to have against each other, who started this mess I have no idea, before I knew it, it just suddenly existed,

Once again, You’re welcome and Blessed Be,

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