The other side of fear

Good morning!

It’s been a hot minute since I talked on here about “non-witchy” stuff.

Thought I’d give an update - we’ve had a rough year to say the least…we’ve lost 2 dogs and a cat (yesterday for the cat) in the year 2023.

My heart has been heavy. My head has been full of crap.

The past week, I’ve made it a point to walk in nature and my husband took me to the beach yesterday after we laid our cat to rest…he was 19 years old…and we’re blessed to have him so long, but we lost our dog, Koda in March and Nala in July…now Thor on Sept 5th…it’s been SO much loss!!

What a MUCH needed grounding and cleansing experience I had at the beach though…it was so good for my soul and my head.

I’ve been feeling stuck in life with a lot of things…and have had a dream of opening my own brick and mortar place for about 2 years now. Opportunity never was there to be had…suddenly, things started shifting…but I kept pushing them aside, as I have been dealing with sick pets, and I kept ignoring the signs…and there have been so many signs!

Within the past three days…I haven’t been able to ignore the signs anymore - there are just too many as I said… After yesterday’s beach outing I know I have been making the right choices even though I am scared. LOL

I have made the leap and am indeed opening my own place! Below is the red building I’ll be leasing. Nov 1 is the open date – if all goes well. And the logo…

It will be a place with retail and space for workshops, events, meditation groups and more…a place of zen!

I even have my first workshop booked in November already – a Ritual of Glass Walking!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!! I AM SO EXCITED


@SilverBear BIG CONGRATULATIONS :tada::partying_face::tada:


Oh my goodness, @SilverBear :clap: :partying_face: :tada: That’s so amazing! Congratulations!!


Congratulations on the opening of your store, and my condolences for the loss of your Thor.


WOW! Congratulations on taking this step -I wish you nothing but success and positive energy. I practically LIVE at my local shop, taking workshops and meeting like-minded people. Sounds like you are creating that same space in your area! :snowflake: :canada:


I’m so sorry for the loss of Thor- it’s been a tough year for you and your family. I’m sure all of your furry friends are watching over you with love from the beyond :people_hugging: :heart:

The new place is AMAZING, Silverbear- I am so happy for you! I have no doubt it is going to become a home for many creative souls. Wishing you all the best as you put the rest of the pieces into place- please keep us updated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love and congrats to you! :sparkles: