The power of water

I read that in America, you had trouble in the past, concerning water health issues.
Also in some States?, water can not be stored by landowner without a permit.
Is this true?
Talking about playing GOD!
In fact, read recently one Estate successfully has overturned this rule.
Right or wrong, will accept constructive criticism!:revolving_hearts:


Little finger, says to Cersei lannister:
Knowledge is power
She replies: power is power…!

Now, we are having more and more trouble with water damaging river banks.
Damn, man made threatened village nearby.

All over the world we hear about man made damns causing entire villages disappear or about to burst.
Water was here before humans set foot on GAIA. Perhaps Poseidon is mad at us.
Perhaps we shoul take lessons from Holland and how to live in harmony with water.
In not along future, we’ll see people fighting about water, not oil.
We already hear of Countries in trouble and moving like herds, putting pressure in neighboring Countries.
I may not live to see these changes, but those who have kids, spare a thought for the living plants and creatures, what sort of future awaits them?


I remember as I was growing up until now, the water would be contaminated. We couldn’t drink it unless we boiled it. Not one of my best memories growing up in NY :rofl: but seriously, this is an itmssue that more people need to know about. Thank you for sharing


Medieval times people would drink wine and beer as water wasn’t safe to drink.
Just remember that cookers these days can not reach 100 degrees to kill bacteria, even good bacteria can play havoc given a chance(candida a good example).
Might have to turn back time!
Before I bought my destiller, I found a video in YouTube. This man was really good at explaining the whole process.
The gank collected in a tbs. after 6 hours billing, makes you think how water is treated.
If I find the clip I will post it.
Thanks for responding :blush:

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I wrote a bit in the other Water, Water Everywhere thread too- but I agree, @Basil. Water is an essential part of not just our magickal practice, but also all life on the planet! :earth_africa: :droplet:

As much I enjoy a glass of wine here or there, I think being forced to drink such processed beverages all the time due to contained water sources would be a rough life! I think it is great to explore ways to use and consume water in eco-friendly and sustainable ways that echo our respect for water in our magickal practice :pray::ocean: