The practical pursuit of the improbable

The practical pursuit of the improbable.

Knowledge, power, logic, understanding the improbability
of the impossible
Of knowing, without question…everything.
But what does that mean? For me, it’s many things.

Quantum physics? Even Einstein didn’t truly understand it.
Time travel? Instant time transfer.
How to scramble the perfect egg.

The ability to paint the Mona Lisa or sculpt another David…
How about something easier, the art of making biscuits?
I am an admitted failure.

Oh, the ability to walk on water? I can’t but I can float.
The meaning of life. Um, let’s just skip that one.
I’d try that one but I fear it would bring back my stutter.

How to make the invisible, substantial.
I bet you wonder what that means.
It all devolves down to the art (and it is an art) of magick

And aren’t we all here for that distinct purpose?
Using our imagination, we can see anything.
We can become anything and go anywhere.

Think, dream, and imagine, this is what separates us from animals.
Be kind, be blessed, and most of all, be yourself.



Another lovely poem. Thank you!


:clap: :clap: :clap: I applauded you my dear you have a lovely way of expressing through use of words… I loved this part the most so beautifully said and i totally agree we can be anything we want as long as we truly believe in our intentions and desires we life is limitless!


Wow. Wonderful words, hon. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing!


I absolutely love this @Garnet Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!
Can I be like you when I grow up? Maybe next year. . . :thinking:
I love you @Garnet :people_hugging:


Love you too sweet girl.



Beautifully and heartfully written as always- your poems are such a delight, @Garnet! Thank you so much for sharing them :pray::blush:


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