The Sky Isn't the limit Poem

The sky isn’t the limit

Don’t feel caged little one,

even when things seem permanent and done.

You will soon fly high in the sky,

with your heartache left behind no tears to cry.

So dream as you must even for a minute,

know that in the end the sky isn’t the limit.

Whether you become a butterfly, bird or stars,

you will sore high and break free of those bars.

Life is too short to live in doubt,

so smile bright and wipe your little pout.

Even when you feel you are surrounded by dark,

know that light inside you isn’t just a spark.

May you open your wings as big as can be,

and fly throughout the universe and know it agrees.

So gather your courage and energy inside,

and only think of the night sky and you as the bride.

All the bad energy is now undone,

So mote it be, and there it is done!


It’s hard to pick just one line from so many beautiful ones, but I felt this one very strongly when I read it :dove: :relieved: :heart:

Really beautifully written, @TheMuslimWitch- you have a powerful way with words! :pray: :two_hearts:


Thank you :blush: I found both this hard to write but since it was so close to home i had t put it in there :butterfly:


@TheMuslimWitch how beautiful! congratulations!


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