The Timing of Ostara is...peculiar 🥀

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I was thinking about this the other day. Ostara is the Spring Equinox. We celebrate the return of Spring and the blossoming of our Mother Earth and the deities of our land and specific pantheon. How fitting it is, in a way, that the human species is experiencing a pandemic. Why? Because look at the way our Earth is healing while we are staying indoors and isolating.

In China, domestic carbon emissions plummeted as industrial activities faltered. In the United States, a major economic downturn would likely drive a further decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, as people simply consume less resources. (1)

Previously we reported that China’s CO2 emissions had fallen and it was confirmed by the Carbon Brief website that measures taken by China to contain the coronavirus resulted in reductions of 15 to 40% in output across key industrial sectors. (2)

Electricity demand and industrial output remain far below their usual levels across a range of indicators, many of which are at their lowest two-week average in several years. These include:
-Coal consumption at power plants was down 36%
-Operating rates for main steel products were down by more than 15%, while crude steel production was almost unchanged
-Coal throughput at the largest coal port fell 29%
-Coking plant utilization fell 23%
-Satellite-based NO2 levels were 37% lower
-Utilization of oil refining capacity was lowered by 34%
-At their peak, flight cancellations were reducing global passenger aviation volumes by 10%, but the sector appears to be recovering, with global capacity down 5% on year in February as a whole. (4)

There’s also this image here which shows NO2 levels before, during, and after the Chinese New Year. (4)

And then this image here from NASA showing a significant decrease in air pollution over China between January and February. (6)

I have also seen reports and pictures of the water in the canals of Venice being so clear you can see the fish. The swans have returned. I’ve seen reports of dolphins being seen in off the shore of some countries because the ships, ferries, and other watercraft aren’t disturbing their natural habitats.

Italy is facing the largest coronavirus outbreak outside of China, with nearly 30,000 illnesses and 2,100 deaths reported so far. While the virus has devastated communities, here’s looking at the silver lining. Because of the slowdown, the animals are taking over the cities and reclaiming the space previously occupied by humans. (5)

I have long been an advocate for environmentalism and eco-friendly living. I have done several videos on the topic on my YouTube channel, and I have even written about it here.

Why is this all interesting? Because it just proves to me and many other people that Mother Earth would be just fine without the human species. She is a sentient being and Her reach spreads to the far depths of the oceans and the highest mountains. We couldn’t even begin to fathom the reach that She has and the power she has. I’ve seen it talked about around the internet a few times, and this sentence profoundly resonates with me. Now, I’m not trying to make light of the COVID-19 situation. Not in the least. But as pagans and those close to the Earth and Her spirit, I thought you might be better able to understand where I’m coming from and the nature behind this sentiment I’m about to share.

Mother Earth is the being and we are the virus. We are the plague upon this land that, as a species, does nothing but take from our host without giving anything back. We allow corporations and countries to strip the planet of natural - and limited - resources all for greed. We as a species have lost touch with the world around us. We need to work to get that back.

If COVID-19 has shown humanity anything, it should be that Nature would do just fine - and possibly even better - without the human plague. We are guests here, and if you ask me, the human population as done nothing but be rude and inconsiderate to our host.

We need to do a better job of taking care of our Earth. We need to do a better job of not poisoning the waters and the ground we walk on. These plants and animals were here long before we were, and it’s during this Ostara that I ask for the healing of our species so that we can do better .


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I agree! I feel it’s somehow all connected, and at this point we are starting to mirror the Earth’s pain. :earth_americas:

To me, this whole pandemic could be just a metaphor of the effects of climate change and how we must stand together against it or suffer the consequences…

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It is crazy that I’m seeing this now, because I was just reading an article just like this. I just can’t believe how amazing this is. Maybe, these results will show the nonbelievers that the planet really would be better off if we went more green living.


I really wish this were true, honestly, but I’m a pessimist at heart. With everything that humanity has done over the course of our existence, I don’t think this is going to change anything. I really, really wish it would, though.


I was talking to my dad about this, and sadly he believes that yes we do put out a lot of green house gases, but he also thinks that it will harm the economy if we took a different route.


No planet => No economy



I was watching the news about how all is cleaning up with the lock downs, the rivers, the smog lifting, fish coming back to Italy. interesting it only took a few weeks too.


Like Francisco said, there’s no economy if there’s no planet. Besides, I believe the planet is much more important than an economy, anyway.

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Wow, this is utterly amazing and makes complete sense. Its like the earth is sending us a message,calling out to us to listen.
I only had this thought the other day!
I am a huge lover of our mother earth and really hope people heed the lesson.
Blessings )0(


Merry Meet Jack!! Thank you for posting and joining us, the more the merrier.