The Unexpected adventure

The Unexpected adventure

I’ve often wondered what newborns feel in the first minutes of life.
Here’s a little fella just new.

Hello, I’m a baby and

I just got born. Today!
It was nothing like I expected.
And I didn’t like it much.
I was safe and warm in my mommy.

Then the light came and I was pulled out…
Right into that light. And it was really bright.
I was also very COLD!

It was supposed to be pushing and squeezing
Not, woosh, terror, and misery
I called my mommy but she was asleep.
How could it get worse?

Then this thing got stuck up my nose and in my mouth.
It made me sneeze and gag.
So I yelled really loud.
“Stop That.” but they didn’t stop.

Then they cut me. Stop, I’ll starve!
Then they cut my lifeline. Oh, No.
A woman started wiping my skin
and put something on my bottom.

What next? I didn’t sign up for this.
I kept yelling at them.
I was cold and hurt, I needed help!
I wanted back in Mommy where I was safe.

And my mom wasn’t waking up.
Poor me. Was this the end?
It was supposed to be the beginning.

I’m too young to die.
So I cried. LOUD
Then this nice big person wrapped me up
in something warm and put something on my head.

This wasn’t too bad, not too bad at all.
I was so tired that I just went to sleep.
When I woke up I was in my mommy’s arms

She gave me a bottle with white stuff in it.
It made my tummy feel better.
And she was so pretty, she sang to me.
Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. God.


So sweet, precious @Garnet :people_hugging:


Love it so cute


That got me a little teary eyed this morning! Beautiful!



Ahhh I’m glad I’m not the only one! :heart:

Goodness, @Garnet, that was really sweet- I like all the beautiful poems and pieces you write, but I think this one just made its way to the top of the list :hugs: Absolutely wonderful- thank you for blessing us with this :two_hearts:


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