The wrong Wiccan leader

Hello guys I found a spiritual buisness that created activated candles for everything needed in life after a while of buying the candles the store owner who calls herself a alchemist queen created a Wiccan group it was suppose to be a sisterhood empowering each other so I thought she was telling us how to she prays to oshun,papa legba and ancestors how you should have love for each other and not hatred and jealousy for anyone else she came up with a trip to New orleans to teach us hands on spells, meditation and life changing courses like a shroom class she charge 1900 to stay in a b and b everything included the first night there’s I was treated horribly she had the other girls watching everything I do and say she even had them take me to a store while they went through my bags everything in that house was being recorded on camera every call I made to my family it started getting so dark I felt I was in danger and something kept saying leave leave like if I was getting sacrifice I end up leaving and stay stranded alone had to pay for hotels and food that was suppose to be included in the package she end up freezing my name taking a picture of me and stealing my crystal from my bag it was like high school mean girls with her leading the pack so everything she preach was a complete lie I sense everything soon as I landed there having the gift passed down by my mother of being clairvoyant when I got back I been disputed my refund from her I know she’s putting voodoo on me and black magic as if I’m the threat when I woukd never hurt others on purpose I still have the dispute going she doesn’t want to refund the money what should I do to win justice and protect myself from her I only work with ancestors and spirit guides please help me I’m worried about my safety and my family’s I don’t deserve this I just wanted a mentor to guide me I just wanted to create my spiritual buisness to help and inspire women who have mental issues and been through the trauma I’ve been through not to cause pain or misery on anyone please someone help me.


Oh my! It sounds like she’s a charlatan. First of all, did you pay with a credit card? Stop the charges or ask them if they can do something to get some of your money back.

Secondly, I would contact the local police. They might not be able to do anything but they make keep a closer eye on her and that might stop this from happening to someone else.

Then I’d sit down and figure out what Protection Spells are needed. What’s right for me may not be right for you, so go through them carefully and do two or three of them. Combine a spell jar with an amulet or something or other.

I really hope this helps you out. Maybe some of the others will have better advice.


I disputing it now the trip and items she never sent that I no longer want I know she put some type of evil in it I don’t trust her at all she tried sending me items that I already said no because she doesn’t want to refund she’s trying to be slick by sending them now I don’t know what else to do physically so I rather do it spiritually the right way not with evil intent don’t know how to do a spell win the dispute and stay protected from her it’s making me very depressed everytime I see or hear about her especially when I got the notification about items she just sent after receiving my dispute she has dark negative intentions don’t know how to protect my family, dog and myself from her smh.


Holy cow I am so so so freaking sorry that happened to you.

There are genuine people out here, who want to help you without a personal gain.

I don’t have any constructive suggestions that haven’t been already mentioned. I totally agree with a protection spell.

I hope this doesn’t detour you from continuing your craft.


I am sorry that you put your trust in the wrong leader however I think by putting the protection spell that Amethyst gave will be good with a warm cup of tea or something. I see it as a blessing that you were able to find the truth in who they were before you trusted them with anything else. I know its going to be hard to trust again because you feel burned but know that you have the support here with people you can rely on. The right people will come around and you will know what to watch for the next time.
I will light a candle for you and say a simple prayer for justice and peace of mind!
Love and light :candle: :heart:


@rheamark hello and welcome. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I would suggest you do a return to sender spell if you feel they have placed something negative on you. Second I would do a cleansing of yourself and anything you had with you on your trip. Third I would make a protection jar or amulet. And fourth I would do a justice spell. All of these can be found on this site. I hope this helps you. I will light a candle for your well-being


Thank you so much its well appreciated sending loving energies your way!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hear that you are really disappointed and that you were promised an experience that sounded wonderful when it was described to you but turned out to be a nightmore. You were treated miserably and you feel afraid that she may curse or hex you.

My two cents for problems of a temporary nature not affecting a family member or you in the long term…walk away, disappear, be boring, be nonexistent to the person.

Walk away. Go complete no contact and put as much distance as you can between this person and the group. Chalk it up to experience and start the new year on a good foot. She will move on to another victim. $1900 is a lot of money but not too much to learn a life lesson about with whom you can place trust, setting boundaries and checking references.

If you have issues with trauma, etc. you probably know by now that there are people who will try to take advantage of your willingness to believe in something or belong to something…and they will take you for everything you have. Until you have very solid boundaries and protective strategies in place, you need to keep your money and your wellbeing safe in your pocket. You have to be very careful and it always helps to run things (like trips, major purchases or other investments of your time or resources) by someone you trust before you commit to it.

When you select a mentor or a spiritual leader, especially one who is doing it as a business as opposed to someone who is a licensed spiritual practitioner, you are giving up some of your power to that person, so you have to do your due diligence to make sure that is a safe person…or you can choose not to believe in them, care about them, or let them have anything to do with you. You can take your power back. You could do something nice for yourself to help heal from this.

This person can’t do anything to hurt you unless you continue to give her that power in your mind. You can decide that she no longer has any power over you to make you miserable. Owning your power is a responsibility. Sometimes, that responsibility feels heavy but don’t give it to another person. give your trust to people who earn it over long periods of time, who you observe being good, kind, fair and honest.

If you have a counselor or a support group, that would be a good person to go through this experience with you in detail and you will be able to identify together danger signs or “pink flags” that will warn you in advance of a highly negative experience, so you will be safe the next time. This was so helpful for me. for a while, I really did not make any kind of major decision before talking it over with a counselor and a trusted friend. Eventually, I learned how to do it on my own.


Go to the cops. This person has taken money from you, violated your privacy and consent, stolen from you, threatened you, etc. This warrants legal action, first and foremost.

Secondly, cleanse yourself and your things. You can do a cord-cutting to cut any lingering ties you may have with this person. I also recommend doing a lot of protection work and wards around yourself and your home to keep her out.

Your first step, though, should be to alert the local authorities. Full stop.


If it feels wrong or anyone tries to make you do something>
Get out! This is a scam.
Garnet trailblazer
You don’t know me from Adam’s house cat but one of the things we try to tell everyone, if it doesn’t feel right, if someone tries to force you into something (bullying), this is a wrong and sometimes dangerous site.
Here we encourage education, knowledge is power. We do not criticize or make anyone feel small.
We’ve all been there and felt beaten down, here we were offered a site with knowledgeable people and easily accessed information.
There is a fee, but Francisco puts so many hours and his own money into research, making forms to download on Gods, Goddesses, herbs, spells, etc.
Please be careful of charlatan’s, they give honest sites a bad name and a seeker, a bad taste in their mouths.
Be safe, be blessed and know you be loved.


@rheamark I am so sorry to hear about your negative experience!! My only hope is that she gets back what she puts out 3 fold. After all, what ever energies you put out there come back, so those who feed on negative will receive negative in return. Its the old saying of you get what you give. So, aside from what you can do to retrieve your monies, and report her to authorities, the universe will respond to her as well.

Everything I thought of, while reading your post, has been shared by our fellow members. I wish I had something new to bring to the discussion. But, as I do not, I just want to let you know that I will light a candle and send positive energies your way! :hugs:



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