There's this Moon Reading

It’s so accurate, I don’t bother looking elsewhere!
Let me know if you do your moon reading, how it goes.


This is amazing! I haven’t done a lot of study into astrology yet and I had no idea there were moon signs as well! It’s strange because although I find qualities of myself in the description of Aquarius, The Virgo moon sign has opened up all the parts that never fit, if that makes sense? Thank you for this <3


No problem. There’s a lot of signs. :rofl: Not to be rude but there’s a sign for every planet. I can’t explain it, I bet good ole @Abs53 could :purple_heart::relaxed:


It’s not rude at all :slight_smile: I have been needing to lean more in depth with everything now anyway :slight_smile: I’ve been dipping my toes in knowledge for too long now it’s about time I dived in further <3 Blessed Be <3


Only about half of mine was right for me. It said I was competitive and with the exception of competing with myself, I barely have a competitive bone in my body. There was other things that is got wrong but that’s the one that jumped out at me. The moon phase thing was a bit better.

I’m always a weirdo when it comes to astrology things, I never seem to fit. If I didn’t know better I’d say I was adopted and don’t have the correct birth time or something.