They Call Me Witch

They Call Me WITCH and That Is how I Feel!

I love this, how about you ?


That was very beautiful :heart: thank you so so much for sharing this :blush: I’m going to check out the YT channel now. I’m sure I’ll be subscribing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That was a beautiful vid! Thank you so much for sharing!


Not only did I enjoy it, I also bookmarked it. Thank you for sharing this great find with us.


This video found me so I felt only fair to share!


Loved it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A great, encompassing definition of a witch.


maybe we can get that definition into the dictionary one day !


It’s not only a beautiful definition of a witch but a beautiful and encouraging reminder of who we are and what we can do @JasmineTheBlueJ thank you for sharing that because I (and many other others I’m sure) needed that beautiful reminder today. Blessed be


@ Phoenix_dawn

I’d love to send you some loving healing energy via a tree hugging if you might have a tree near by?

it sounds crazy but the tree will love you back and share her healing energy drawn directly from mother earth herself.

When trees get sick or injured the other trees come together to try to heal one another and offer support to there injured friend. This is why we find trees grown together in nature , it’s it’s way of telling us less intelligent species ( humans ) that there is strength and support in loving one another.


Find a tree or a tree that use to be multiple individual trees which have grown as one (this type of tree has extra power / multiple tree souls became one )

hug the tree like a life long friend and ask it for it’s healing grace. Begin to share your thoughts, struggles, beauty and laughs with your tree. Let whatever comes up come up.

If your uncomfortable hugging the tree the whole time sit at the base with your back to the trunk as you want to be physically connected to the tree.

After you have asked the tree for its help and shared words, sit at the base of the tree for a few minutes. Quiet your mind and submerged yourself in the silence of nature. Listen and tap into the love and healing of the universe and mother earth.

Journal or meditate if you’d like, when ready thank and hug the tree for its love, support and healing ways.


I did not know this and it’s so amazing and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You have a beautiful soul that I can feel despite you being far away from me. Thank you for all your suggestions and help. I may try this tonight when my neighbors aren’t out and about (living in the bible belt with the reputation I have would probably attract the attention of law enforcement if I were outside hugging a tree- that’s not the kind of thing I really need in my life at the moment :rofl:)


feel free to PM message me any time i’m happy to help. Healing is my specialty.

I can always come up with some incognito healing options for you .

most of all I hope you smiled and felt supported.


I really did. Thank you so much love. You have been so wonderful and I can feel your warmth in my soul. I look forward to getting to know you better and I’m glad to have made such a beautiful new friend in you.


Thank you Phoenix , Now i’m smiling too


What a video! :heart_eyes: It’s not only gorgeously filmed, but the words are so powerful- you can really feel her love and respect :pray: Also I love the rendition of Scarborough Faire playing in the background- great music too! :headphones: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing @JasmineTheBlueJ! :heart:


Glad you enjoyed it , definitely a great 4 am find :slight_smile: