This is me…

I’m LeRena
I’ve dabbled in the eclectic faith for a couple years.
:sunny: Pisces
:new_moon_with_face: Aquarius
:arrow_up: Libra

Moon and water energies fascinate me the most.
I am so excited to have found this group and can’t wait to continue to grow and learn so much!


Hello and welcome :infinite_roots: @lerena

It’s nice to meet you, LeRena, I am Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch from Colorado!

:sun_with_face: Libra :libra: :air_element:
:astrology_moon: Scorpio :scorpius: :water_element:
:arrow_up: Scorpio :scorpius: :water_element:

I’m also interested in astrology, I have more planets in water :water_element: signs than air :air_element: and very little earth :earth_element:

There are lots of friendly and helpful people here so, if you have any questions, just reach out! We are here for you! Welcome to the family!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Hi @lerena! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I’m afraid I’m a bad witch and just know my sun sign, Aquarius. LOL! I’ve looked the others up but can never remember them. Maybe one day @Francisco will add Astrology to the Courses. You never know.

Have you checked out the Moon Spell for Today?Very good stuff. Anyhow, if you have any questions, shout out and someone will be along to help. I look forward to getting to know you better!


HI LeRena, I am a Pisces, too. Hello, fish sister :slight_smile: I am Aquarius rising and Virgo moon.


If you have your birth certificate handy and know what time you were born, you can find out your rising and moon signs (and Mars and Venus and Saturn signs, etc, houses, etc.) You plug in the date, time and location of your birth and presto your birth chart generates (free) it’s fun :slight_smile:


OOh, thank you! I’ve done this before but for some reason it just doesn’t stick in my head. Maybe this time it will.


Okay, I am an a Sun Sign Aquarius, Moon Sign Virgo, and Acendant in Libra. Yay! Thank you!


Merry meet @lerena and welcome to the forum! :blush:

(Don’t mind me jumping on the sign bandwagon too! Had to look up my ascendent as I had completely forgotten what it was :sweat_smile:)

I’m Bry and I’m a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, and Gemini Ascendant- a rather curious mix, but here I am! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lerena :heart:

When it comes to those who love the moon, you’re definitely among friends here! Moon Magick is a very popular conversation topic here in the forum :full_moon_with_face:

As for water magick, have you come across the Water Elemental Invocation yet? In addition to the ritual, there’s a lot of great information about working with water energy in the Craft. Feel free to check it out!

Please make yourself at home here, Lerena- looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be! :sparkles:


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