This spell gave me goosebumps

My mom sent me this spell today! I absolutely love it. I paused it and wrote down all the words so that I can work on getting it beautifully penned to display somewhere. I don’t know if it has a source other than this gentleman and his video… if you know… please let me know!! I would really love a title for it. Hope you are having a beautiful day!

ETA: I was googling and this popped up from our own Forum. Here’s the link that appears to have the source!

Here is the link to the video!

Here is the text in case you’d also like it.

Spirit guides, Allies, Ancestors, and Divinity -
I ask for your guidance for what’s appropriate for me.
I ask for your blessings upon this day.
I ask to make known my true will’s way.
Blessings of happiness-
Blessings of health-
Blessings of wisdom-
Blessings of wealth-
Blessings of pleasure-
Blessings of fun-
Blessings from the stars, moon, earth, and sun-
Blessings of protection-
Blessings of peace-
Blessings from the North, South, West, and East-
So that the work of my will be unimpeded-
So my impact is beneficial where it is needed-
As above, so below-
As within, so without-
So mote it be and so it is!


That is nice! And it came from one of us and got around. We’re that good! LOL!


I wish the person in the video had mentioned that it’s from Mat Auryn’s book, Mastering Magick: A Course in Spellcasting for the Psychic Witch, page 25 (also cited in my post linked above). I’m not sure if Mat was the original writer of it, but if he was, he deserves to get the credit for it.

That’s what I don’t like about social media – these people on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram act like they came up with these things, but they’re just taking credit for other people’s work and copying what other people do. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk :sweat_smile: lol


@AileyGrey I really love that!

@Jewitch I can understand what you’re saying. If you want share something on social media, gor for it! But please give credit where credit is due!


It’s always such a great feeling when you find a spell that’s a keeper! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you very much for sharing it, Ailey, and also for taking the time to give credit to where it was found too! :heart:

It’s an issue that is all too common, I’m afraid :worried: . And I think that in the long run when people aren’t given credit for their work they become more hesitant about sharing their great content in the future- which is a loss for the whole community.

It’s one reason the Forum Guidelines require giving a credit note or other source notation when sharing outside content that is privately owned- we want to make sure the creators, wherever and whoever they may be, are being acknowledged for their efforts!

Anyways, all that is to say that I agree with you, and the fact that you kindly shared the original source is much appreciated! :pray: :heart:


This is the only thing that’s holding me back from getting into food writing :confounded:


It’s a beautiful spell, you’re right! :heart: I haven’t read Mat Auryn’s second book yet, but it’s on my ever-growing list of books to read.

I’ll come to your TED Talk any day! :clap: It’s really frustrating to see it happen, let alone know that people out there let it happen! It’s one of the downsides to social media, and eventually (as @BryWisteria said), it makes authors, artists, and other creators not want to share their work. While the “glory” isn’t what the creative endeavor is about, getting credit for one’s work is absolutely vital!


Girl! I know! That’s why I was so excited that when I googled the spell your post came up with the information! I haven’t read Mat Auryn’s book either, but I am going to now!

Sometimes I think people learn things and honestly don’t know where it came from. Maybe he learned this spell from a parent or partner. He didn’t say “Here\s my spell”, just here’s a spell that I use every day. Would it have been better to cite sources, absolutely. I wish it was a habit that most people did habitually.

Funny tidbit - I write a lot of academic papers and when I was working on my specialist, I had an original thought (gasp) that I could not find a source for at all. I had a professor who was a little citation happy so I called her panicked because I couldn’t find a source for the thought I had and I didn’t want her to get upset because I couldn’t cite it. How do you cite an original thought?? It was hilarious in hindsight!


Lack of credit is a legitimate thing to be worried about and I understand completely, but at the same time, it makes me sad to think that it would get in the way of you pursuing your passion! I know from your posts that you are a great writer, @Jewitch, and that you put heart and soul into what you do. I hope that, someday in some form, you’re able to proudly pursue your dream of food writing. I’m cheering for you! :heart::hugs:


D’awwww fanks :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your kind words definitely provided a much-needed boost of confidence :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Jewitch Take that confidence and work your magick, my friend! You can do amazing things :hugs::heart: