This was completely different

Something happened today and I am a little freaked out…

So my fiance and I were talking and we had a bit of a disagreement and I grabbed my amulet necklace around my neck and held onto it and said “That’s fine. This right here is all I care about…”

And he said “Jyssie? That didn’t even sound like you…?”

He said “That literally just sounded like another person talking for you…”

What could this mean?

Am I possessed? :confused:


Hello, @triplemoonlove9091 first of all, I don’t understand why would you think you are possessed? Could you ask more to your fiance that what exactly did he hear in your voice that it sounded like someone else’s? Did it really sound like another being or he just said it without noticing much? Because even thinking this way that, “I might be possessed” is very negative…as in, it could attract low vibrational entities, you know dear! So pls confirm first and then update here about what you learnt…May you be blessed with light and shielded with its armor forever! :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:


No, I don’t think you’re possessed… sounds more like you were feeling threatened and desperately clutching your amulet for protection… :slightly_frowning_face: I know that if I feel that way, my voice can start sounding like it’s coming from far away, wanting to get away from the situation. Withdrawing out of my body maybe, or deep inside.

Protective amulets are good, as long as we know that the power in it is our power. It helps to have it “outside of us” in something we can wear, touch and see, reminding us that we’re always safe. If we’re afraid of losing the amulet, we’re forgetting that it’s just a mirror, you could easily create another if you wanted. The power is in you.

Stay safe love :white_heart:


Hi @triplemoonlove9091,

It sounds like it was a very heated situation- sometimes things happen when we are under pressure that are different than how we usually act. Pressure can also help us reveal things we are feeling that were lying under the surface, unknown.

I’m not an expert on possession (you should see the amount of protective smells, charms, talismans, etc I lay over myself and my stuff- nothing is getting in here :joy:), but I’m inclined to think that, if you were possessed, there would be many other signs- it wouldn’t be just a one-time thing that came out during a heated moment.

That being said, I’m an outsider looking in at the situation- you’ll be the best judge of determining whether or not another entity is involved here. If you do think you might be possessed due to what happened during the disagreement, your actions of immediately grabbing the amulet would point to the amulet being involved.

Cleansing the amulet may either remove or get a reaction from the entity if there is one, or at the very least put your mind at ease that the amulet isn’t involved in a possession.

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing you all the best- good luck and blessed be :sparkles::pray:


I’m inclined to agree with everyone else, too.

I don’t think you’re possessed, just that it was very heated and you may have sounded a bit different because of the discussion.

I think if you’re worried about it, taking Bry’s advice of cleansing the amulet and recharging it may be the best way to go. You can also take a cleansing shower or bath to help with yourself, too.


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