Thought I'd share good news

So the vet had put Bella on antibiotics, steroids, and a pain med.

Over the past few days her tumor has gotten smaller and opened up again. The vet said while this may seem bad it is not. The smaller it is, the less of her eyelid they will have to remove. By it opening up it shows that is more of a cyst that can be completely removed and almost a 90% chance it’s not cancerous.

She has been up and playing more and acting normal.

We are still short our goal but her surgery is 11 days away and the vet said he will see where we stand financially the day before. He plans on doing the surgery regardless.

If anyone would like to help us reach our goal you can donate below

Also insurance covered 100% of our window damage and car damage with no deductable. The car is fixed and as good as new. I posted out that in the Rough Day post.

My job is starting back 100% next week so I can get back to making a regular wage again and actually have real money on my Aug 21st payday.

We are also inviting the community to join us this weekend and enjoy the gardens, pick some herbs, watch us craft wands and wood items, learn some blacksmithing, and more. All this is free and hope it shows others in our community what we do.


Wow! That’s a lot of great news!!

I’m glad that Bella is feeling better! :dog: :smiley: Also that you got your job back! Great news! :+1:

If I’m ever in South Carolina or nearby I’d love to visit the garden!!


WoW all that great news at once…and GO BELLA


That is such wonderful news…things are falling into place. Very happy for you @daniel4 :hugs:



I would love to meet you one day and share some wisdom.


Wonderful news!!! :heart: I did donate, it isn’t much, but I hope it helps.


So much good news- I’m so happy for you and Bella, @daniel4! :hearts: That is very kind of you to open your doors to the community too, I wish I was closer so I could come see your beautiful gardens and learn from your wisdom! :books: Hopefully someday! :sparkling_heart:

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