Thoughts on a three card reading please?

Now I really truly have only just started using my cards and I am using Spells8 resources and a book of my own (Tarot for self-Discovery by Herron Books) to interpret them.

I am using the Dark Grimoire Tarot Deck. (My very first deck that I bought for myself from an antiques fair that I went to last weekend, I saw it and just had it have it. I just loved it.) :heart_eyes:
These are the cards that seem to keep popping up for me:

6 of Swords, The High Priestess and 10 of Cups

5 of Cups, Death and 8 of Swords

9 of Swords, The Emperor and The Moon.

This is my own kind of interpretation:

I really need to continue to work on myself and take all the help and support that is offered to me to get over the trauma from my narcissistic and toxic ex before it’s too late. I need to trust my intuition and pay attention to my dreams, perhaps reach out to a protective father figure.

I need to let go of the past, accept this opportunity for a fresh start and shake off these negative self-limiting thought patterns.

I need to leave him and all of the toxic crap that came with him far behind, seek Divine wisdom, connect with my inner voice and intuition and let these guide me to follow my heart to my happy ending.

BUT!!! As I am a VERY brand new baby witch I would really appreciate any thoughts that you ladies and gentlemen may have as to their meaning as you all have far more experience than I do. Thank you all in advance :blush:


I’m new to reading tarot as well, but what I understand of the cards is, although they come with some basic meanings, it’s really your own intuition and what you get from the cards. If this is what you read from the cards than how can it be wrong? Frankly, I think it’s amazing advice.


Thank you!!! Sometimes I just worry that I’m not just not all that good at this, and I need the reassurance from some that are far more experienced than me. It is going to take me a while I think to really trust myself and believe that I can do this.


I’d offer advice but I’m not good at reading cards that aren’t RW-based yet. Still learning. But I think you’ve got a good idea of what it means.


I’m a book reader. I use this link from Labyrinthos:

It’s very helpful!
Sorry I couldn’t help out anymore :sweat_smile:


No that does help thank you :blush:


Yay great. :revolving_hearts::heart: