Three knocks

Anyone know what 3 quick, loud knocks that wake you up mean?


Hii @scott1 :hugs: Okay, first of all let me tell you I am veryyy familiar with such knocks or taps waking one up! Earlier it was a little horrifying, honestly, but now as I have ventured into this path, I came to understand that these might be some of your spirit guides or any ancestors of yours who just want to show you their presence…but of course, when you feel that knock or just like I had experienced two three taps on my shoulder, it’s important to assess whether you feel any negative vibe coming from that action or not? If not, then it’s most probably what I said above! But if it is, then you might have to perform some banishing in your house and room, also with meditations to strengthen your auric field. I don’t know much but this is all I know my dear! :smiling_face: Just remember, the way you react can affect the energies that are around you! And god forbid, but if it’s something bad, then DO NOT panic. Just know, that it will leave you alone if you remain strong enough to face it! I wish you a blessed day Scott, and pray that whatever that is near you is definitely not any bad entity. Much love & light to you! :sparkling_heart:


Hello @scott1,

I’ve heard about a “Three Knocks” superstition- someone once asked about it in the forum. It was the first time I’d heard of it and did a bit of research:

That being said, it’s always wise to take superstitions with a grain of salt. After all, we are living proof that plenty of the superstitions around witches and magick aren’t true! :mage: :wink:

Additionally, three is a very powerful magickal number and I think Solasta is right that it could be that a spirit guide, deity, or other entity (especially any that you are currently working with) may be reaching out to you.

My advice to you would be to be open and observant over the next few days or weeks. Look out for any other potential signs (things that seem out-of-the-ordinary) and listen to see if you hear the knocks again.

I’m hoping that the superstition isn’t true in this case and that you can find out if there was any other deeper meaning in the knocks you heard :pray:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


I’m not sure of any magical or spiritual meaning other than what’s already been said.

I do know that there’s a phenomenon that happens while we’re sleeping/waking up that’s called Exploding Head Syndrome – it sounds scary but it’s totally not :laughing:

Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a sleep disorder. Although it sounds painful, you feel no pain. You hear a loud noise or explosion in your head. The sound isn’t real or heard by others. It happens as you’re falling asleep or when waking up during the night. EHS is harmless and not a sign of another serious health condition. It usually doesn’t require treatment. Source - Cleveland Clinic

I would say that if you can’t find a spiritual reason for the knocking, or a mundane one such as someone knocking on your door, you may have just had an EHS episode :woman_shrugging:


Oh wow! Being someone with migraines, my first thought here was “waking up with an extreme migraine.” I have not heard about this but it is interesting.


I have been reading a lot about Hekate lately, and feel her presence. Also, been pondering how to best work with her. My initial response to the knocks was it was her. I have been praying to her at night, and Brighid during the day.


It could very well be a deity or other spirit trying to get your attention. I think meditation is a great first step to see what’s going on! If you have a divination method you prefer, that would be a good option, too.


Thank you for your support Solasta!


Thank you for your help Megan!


Thank you, Amaris, for your help!


Thanks for your advice, Bry!


There’s another possibility of your Hypnogogic Hallucinations. There are some neurotransmitter interactions that can account for it.

Hypnogogic jerks (that feeling of falling/jerking before falling asleep) or Hypnogogic hallucinations (the audible knocking/banging sounds you hear) are, along with eliptiform discharges of seizures, migraines with aura, etc, a potential culprit.

Like Restless Legs caused by dopamine, this may be caused by temporary calcium, chloride or dopamine irregularities.

You might want to have a good old fashioned MD checkup just to rule out a medical cause (like a viral or bacterial infection) or mental/physical exhaustion.

Please take good care of yourself!


It’s my pleasure, @scott1- I’m happy if I could help :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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