Thrifty Witch Candle Question

I ordered some hand rolled beeswax candles from Amazon and didn’t realize they were the size of tapered candles. Has anyone ever cut a beeswax candle in half? I don’t want to mess it up. I will burn it long if I have to, but would rather have a shorter candle.


I think you could cut it in half. Make sure you warm it up first so that it doesn’t crack. I’ve never done it but I have rolled a few up.
Maybe wait and see what some other people suggest too :wink:
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I think it’s okay to cut them, maybe if you don’t cut the wick, just the wax, you can make two candles… or three! Each candle would need a wick though.


I unrolled it and cut the wax and the wick to fit then rerolled them. I didn’t even warm it up. These things are awesome! :smile:


I do this all the time just role them in your hands to warm them, then carefully unroll them cut to size and then rerole them. Trimming the wick to fit. I buy the coloured sheets off amazon and add my herbs to them depending on the spell I’m doing. When I can find them at the thrift shoppes I’m happier as all get out cutting them down to suit my needs.


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