Thrifty witch question: where can I get a variety of seeds?

I just recently started my own going as well and I was just wondering where can you find a variety of seeds for super cheap I’m from Oklahoma but haven’t got a chance to visit the stores I just recently found out about to see if they have any wondering if anybody knew have some place online. I’m a super thrifty bargain shopper, said the cheaper the better.
Thanks in advance.


Greetings @annmarie2!

I hope you don’t mind that I made your question a new discussion to help it get the attention it deserves. This is a great question!

Seed Stores: I don’t live in Oklahoma so I’m not sure what kind of stores you have available, but I believe there should be garden centers around. Do you have a Home Depot or local garden depot nearby you could check? I imagine most packets of seeds at these locations range from one to a couple dollars :dollar:

Online: Importing seeds and plants from overseas is always a risky business with international customs and many plants are not allowed to be shipped in the mail. That being said, you can probably find some cheap local seeds through sites like Amazon- it looks like you can buy in bulk!

Here’s a pack of 43 non-GMO seeds for about $16 USD:

Picture from Amazon

Sharing plants with friends: If you have any friends or family you are gardens, feel free to ask them if they have any spare plants or seeds. Most gardeners have more seeds than they could ever use and are often happy to share- and that means free seeds for you! :handshake:

Good luck and happy planting, Annmarie! :sparkles:


Sometimes the Dollar General has some seeds. I’ve even found some at the Dollar Tree but its getting late in the growing season there so they might be sold out already. Make sure to check in early spring. I found a few pkgs on sale at Ace Hardware the other day, ( I’m in Utah) also try tractor supply company-TSC.

Online seed companies are just a Google search away!

BTW I used to live in Oklahoma too. My parents still live there out toward Stillwater :slightly_smiling_face:

Bless Be :seedling:


Another thing you can try finding are seed exchanges. Most places will require you to bring yoru own seeds but you can always find someone who will donate them (if you’re nice!).

Look on Facebook for local groups, or use this website. Here’s another website that has an online marketplace of seeds.

There are also seed libraries where you can “borrow” seeds and then return an equal or greater number of seeds after the plant has grown. The Seed Library Social Network may be a good starting point. You can find locations on a map to see all the different libraries that support borrowing seeds.


Last time I was at dollar tree they had a lot of seeds. Check on Google for plant nurseries either locally or online. Local nurseries may not carry the sees on the shelves but they may be willing to use their suppliers to order them for you at their cost and a very small service fee type profit at most (most of the time companies night order items for customers and only charge what they have to pay to order it making no profit at all)
Definitely try dollar tree first though

And I believe I’ve seen a few shops that sell seeds on Etsy too while I shop for herbs and such


Whaaahaahaa, bless you all and you are the greatest. I’m such a thrifty shopper it’s unreal I found some thrifty finds at my job today for my altar. I work at DD’s discount they are a branch of retail department store Ross Dress For Less. I got some clove smudge sticks 2ct. and a mirror and pastel for both under $10. We also have some nice brooms under $10 about 2-3’ tall. Lots more I wasn’t able to find I’m sure. Check it out if y’all have one locally where your from both stores are great. Bless you all.


We didn’t have Ross in MA, but I loved visiting that store when I visited relatives in other parts of the country. They have some really fun things, and fun things are even better when they’re a great discounted price too! :grin::+1:

Happy thrifting, and I’m hoping that you can find some wonderful seeds in your search, Marie! :pray::heart::seedling:


Check with the Cooperative Extension in your State of OK, they usually give away seeds!!


Thanks guys. Sucky part about dollar trees near me is that as soon as any gardening stuff hits the shelves it’s gone within a few days I did get some little pots with baisil, sunflower and such and the sunflowers took off quick and look beautiful. And I got a water pitcher for $1 vs. $10 at other retail stores. Score. Thanks for the advice about online venders and how some are willing to order after hours and what not at there price. It’s much appreciated. I just downloaded the Etsy app maybe aweek ago and I must say I like it a lot more than I did when it first came out. But maybe it’s bc I’m more tech savvy now. Bless you all and hope Al is well.