Throw Out Your Wheel [New Podcast Episode!]

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share my most recent podcast episode with you :heart: You can listen on YouTube or on most podcast platforms.

I received a question on Instagram about how I’m adjusting to life in Florida in regard to the Wheel of the Year, energy work, and seasonal celebrations. It got me thinking about how I don’t really follow the traditional Wheel of the Year and how I’ve created, and continue to refine, my own celebration calendar.


I am always super curious about how others celebrate the seasons/Sabbats/holidays where they are :star_struck: Many of the seasonal celebrations are deeply tied to the natural world, so I love seeing the creative ways and fun things people do to celebrate in different climates and living situations! :sparkles:

Adding this to my watch list- looking forward to having a listen! Thank you for sharing, @MeganB :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I live in Colorado and Spring comes later, I have lots of sunflowers coming up, but not close to blooming. The Wheel of the Year doesn’t quite fit the seasons here. So I really like the ideas you have shared. Thanks so much, Megan.


I hope you enjoyed it :heart:

You’re welcome! Thanks for listening :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: