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Hey there friends!

Do you fancy yourself a green witch (or at least have a green thumb)?? As much as I love the beauty of plants, I should not be allowed to care for them. I should be like the plant hospice. I am really good at letting plants die (not for lack of trying!)

Funny story: I bought 3 citronella plants for my deck because bugs eat me alive. I kept 2 alive all last summer and then I forgot them and they died. I’ll try again this summer I thought! I went outside today to repot my little friends and discovered that two of them are growing tomatoes. Whoops.

So I replanted everybody got everybody watered got everybody situated where they need to be on the deck checked out sun and shade etc. etc. I even gave them names so that maybe I wouldn’t kill them off because I might feel guilty since they have an identity.

Can you please give me tips and tricks so I do not murder these five precious plants?

Gratefully yours,
Ailey Gray aka plant executioner


Hello Ailey!

Well first of all, congratulations on growing your own plants! I admire anyone who does this…even if your attempts are not producing the results you’d like. Gardening demonstrates to us that gentle care matters, even if only for a few minutes every day or so. The natural world sings! It’s rhythms thrum throughout our lives and are entwined in our daily lives. Growing plants also contributes to the health of our planet and to the person growing them in so many ways…so bravo!

Regarding your plants, I’m happy to offer a bit of advice and hope it will prove useful.

As I understand it, you are growing potted citronella and tomato plants on your deck. Now that you have the plants in soil, I’d recommend you begin by introducing yourself to and welcoming the spirit of your plants. It’s similar to working w/ an animal spirit or specific deity to deepen your understanding of them. Follow these steps:

  1. Center and ground, in order to have a firm foundation for your own energy.
  2. Spend a little time looking at the plant, familiarizing yourself with it’s physical structure.
  3. Reach out with your personal energy and touch the energy of the plant. Does it feel welcoming or not? If not, terminate the session and try again another time. If neutral or agreeable, continue.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize the plant before you. Introduce yourself and ask the spirit if it is willing to meet you and communicate. Again, if you meet reluctance, thank it and withdraw. If the spirit is amenable, proceed.
  5. Ask the spirit if it is willing to teach you. Be open to whatever messages it wishes to communicate. Remember to thank the spirit at the end of each session.

This sharing may take place over an extended period of time. Care for the plants as you learn from it, make it offerings of whatever it seems to like (water? shiny crystals? rocks? music?), and acknowledge your gratitude frequently. Also be aware that the plant may just want to hang out. It might not have something to communicate, but it may enjoy your company. As you get to know its energy, you may just want to hang out with it too.

As part of your deep dive into a plant’s energies, whether you are communicating with the plant spirit or not, care for it with awareness. Don’t just water it and turn its pot; allow your energy to reach out and touch the plant’s energy every time you care for it. The spoken word creates sound waves, which plants can physically feel, much the way your eardrum vibrates when sound waves hit it. We project energy when we speak too; emotion and other kinds of energy infuse our words. Plants, being organic creatures with energy of their own, can respond to that.

So, as you can tell, connecting your energy with your plant’s energies is first and foremost in my opinion. Once you’ve introduced yourself, it’s my belief that you’ll have a much better sense of what physical care your plants need. Of course, reading up on potted citronella and tomato plant care is helpful from the practical sense as well (if you haven’t already done this :slight_smile: ).

Anyhow, I hope this information is useful for you and will help you to cultivate beautiful, healthy plants, but more importantly in my mind, a beautiful sharing of energies between you and your plant’s spirits.

Incidentally, citronella oil encourages clearing of the mind by the release of energy of punishment and distrust that creates anger, frustration and separation from self and source.

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Tomatoes help protect from negative influences and eating them inspires love and passion. They can also be used in place of apples in many magickal spells.

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So, great choices on your plants Ailey and best of luck to you!

All the best,


Thanks @Satu_TheGreenWitch! I will try! I have a Geraniu
Named Ruby, my citronella plant is Skeeter. The tomatoes are Bob and Larry and I have a mystery plant my 8 year old planted for Mother’s Day that I have managed to keep alive in a tiny cup named Tiny.

I will definitely introduce myself and go slowly and show gratitude. Hopefully that will help us along! I have some pretty stones too!


Merry Meet, Ailey! I’m not sure if this is something you can do with your plants (they might be too big of planters), but whenever I get/start a new plant, I sleep with it beside my bed for a few nights. I find this gets us in tune with each other and establishes a bond. Some will even communicate to you in your dreams :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Best of luck with your new green friends :seedling:


What a really cool idea! These are definitely in planters outside for now, but if I get new smaller plants I might give it a try! Plant dreams sound a little concerning to me, but I think my plants intimidate me right now! :green_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::green_heart:


Congrats on your plant babies, @AileyGrey! :partying_face:

You’ve got some awesome advice from Satu and OshenLynx :heart:

I recommend setting a set time each day to do a round and check each plant :mantelpiece_clock: . Don’t plan to water or trim or clean it everyday (doing so makes it easy to overwater or cut back too much!)- simply find a time to check them and be open to what they need. The routine helps to not forget about our plant buddies :potted_plant:

I also want to add in something that I wished I learned earlier in my gardening journey and that is that plants can be really picky- when you’ve done everything you can and they still aren’t happy, it can be natural to want to blame yourself, but sometimes it’s not you, it’s the plant.

If a variety or type of plant just doesn’t take, don’t be afraid to venture out and try something different. I’ve known people who just have succulents or stick to just herbs- because that’s what works for them and their home. And that’s okay! Gardening is an adventure- there is a lot of experimentation and learning involved. You’re already doing amazing- stick with it until you find what works for you! :blush::green_heart:

Cheering you on- blessed gardening!


First of all @AileyGrey I’ve never seen citronella grow tomatoes!!! LOL Neat Trick! :rofl:

I had mystery seeds this year, they turned out to be coleus, I think is the name, they are pretty green leaves with bits of red and yellow in them.

Best thing I’ve found so far is not to judge the soil moisture by looking at it but by actually sticking my finger in the dirt to feel it. If I don’t do that I drown them :sob:

Thats my best advice and always check the placement for sun :sun: and shade :wink:
:potted_plant: :seedling: :ear_of_rice: :herb: I talk to them too :+1:



I thought it was a neat trick too! I love tomatoes, so it wasn’t a big deal, it was just definitely not what I was expecting! Every day is an adventure!


What you said about plants choosing is so true, @TheTravelWitch_Bry ! I can’t grow a plant with a flower (except my orchid​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) if someone payed me! But give me an aloe Vera baby, and I’ll have a 7’ monster in hours :joy:. Lol, not quite, but you get the jist :grin:


It sounds like Aloe Vera has chosen you :joy::+1: :green_heart:

Yeah, I think Green Thumbs come in all different shades of green (if that makes sense!). And you’ve found your shade- you have quite the talent for these types of plants, @Oshenlynx ! :blush::potted_plant:

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