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Where do I even start or how! So I asked about spell jar for my Necie’s dog whom they had to put down
I was given ideas to handle it. I showed me Necie Cherelle what things were suggested for it. She fell down and started crying as I’d she just lost him then & there. I calmed her down , then asked why the city fit.
She stated: Auntie Kristi Ive always know your were a witch. I had that gut feeling & kept it to myself. And when you came out to some of the family a few weeks back I seen your inner person finally shine, this is why You are the best aunt ever.
Then you wanted to make me learn to handle what happened to THOR properly. And I said OF COURSE AUNTIE!
The reason I fell out just now is you made me Proud of you & where your going with your dreams you’ve been doing. Plus the people who are helping you with taking the right steps gave me the vibe from just their words that the feel my pain!!
:candle::candle: She deeply deeply appreciated all of you fellow witches who endured the lose with her & I.

So We had a small meditation call mean for about 15 minutes. Then followed by a farewell ritual. She joined in with me and assisted!
We used a white candle to channel her with him.
a black candle to cut her ties with him properly. a yellow candle to give them both happiness & confidence to keep going!
A green candle for their favorite color to bring growth prosperity… we can’t thanks to the elements to do this. And then I combined it in a jar, a few herbs that would help her as well with some gems in there, and sealed it with her colors of the candles.!

I also created a poem for her as well, and made a shadowbox where the poem stands, and a small memory, growing prosperity happiness jar for her as well!!

So Mote it be!!


That’s so wonderful to hear, Kristi! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know losing a loved one is difficult and I’m happy I was able to help play a role in you both having closure and a peaceful departure. :pray: I’m sure everyone will be peaceful and taken care of now.

So mote it be! :sparkles: :heart: :pray:


It sounds like the two of you had a lovely ritual to honor the memory of her lost friend. I think it’s really wonderful that you were there for your niece and helped her through what is certainly a very hard time. She is lucky to have such a supportive aunt, with the bonus that you sound like you are also a wonderful magickal mentor! :sparkles::blush:

Adding in my voice too- so mote it be! :raised_hands: :heart:


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