Today's Good Belly Laugh

Well I take a lot of herbal baths and I don’t put the herbs in a bag, just float them naturally in the water…I have a housekeeper that comes 2x a month to help me out, and she was here this am for a bit. She came and got me and said, “Ummm you have mice!!” I said what?? show me… She took me into my bathroom, and pointed in the tub…there where a few little Lavender pieces on the bottom…(guess I didn’t get it rinsed out tooo well) anyhow I started laughing and told her no its lavender…I showed her what dried lavender looks like and we had a good laugh. It’s always nice to start the day out laughing… LOL


They are “relaxed mice droppings”. Now my new name for lavender!!!
Calming all the mice. Hahaha!!!


That’s hilarious Roxanne! :joy: A story with a good twist and a happy ending- and it looks like your housekeeper got to learn about a new herb too! :herb: :laughing:

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