Triple Purpose Mirror Jar Spell / Various Purposes Spell Jar

Hello and welcome to everyone, I apologize if I’d been quiet and absent for a certain period of time, I was learning, meditating and figuring out all sorts of plans for different reasons which scares one of my friends for good reason whenever I do any spell work or even in mundane plans which catches everyone I know personally by surprise, I actually found this type of spell work to have tired my magick out afterwards yet it was actually worth it, it’s for intermediate to advanced practitioners (I’m not one of those, however, I was left with no other choice but to do it, otherwise that curse on a friend’s relative could harm even more people, non magick practitioners or not, it’ll target anyone and mostly said spell was targeted to my friend)

First off, I don’t claim to be the one who originally used mirrors or glass jar or oyster shells or any other ingredients used in spells, if anyone needs or want to use this, you have my permission to use it, just be forewarned this version I used is improvised and is entirely experimental in using magick with it, This version I made came to be instinctively and because I had finally decided to intervene in a magick curse case of someone I know intentionally harming others due to a curse that was first cast on this person to harm others, this one works for three or potentially for even more various uses other than: a. Reverse Mirror Energy, b. Negative Energy Banishment Charm, c. Protective Charm (it can be done in any particular order)


Intent (could be said out loud or in the mind)
Pen and Paper (Optional, if intent isn’t the only option available)
Oyster Shells remains (the amount of shells which can fit the container chose)
Mirror or Glass Jar (can be of any size)
1 Oyster Shell remains to save for the Protection Spell

The procedure for it has no particular set order, only that the mirror jar must either be thrown far away in the end of the craft or either buried underground. For the remaining Oyster shell remains…if truly needed and as a last resort option write or make a sigil or runes that would symbolize protection while only thinking of the person you intend to be protected, if the person it’s intended for cannot keep it for the mean time keep it in a container, if the person intended for can have it let him/her have it

Blessed Be,


Thank you @anne2 I’m glad that you’re fine and we’ll!!!


Good luck, Margaret! :four_leaf_clover: Consider a sweetening jar or just protection spells on both you and your friend, and the general area.

Blessed Be!!


I’m happy you’re okay too @christina4


I will actually consider protection spells too @Francisco


Thank you :two_hearts::two_hearts: