Trivia Hekate day November 30

Anyone else worship Hekate and celebrate Hekate Trivia Day? I do how i celebrate is I prepare a feast (Beef carrot potatoes Celery, dumpling stew) Blessing and thanking all the ingredient’s for their sacrifice of inner light so i could make this feast. I concreate both the vessel and water. First Plate Goes to Her At the Table Then Outside By My Stone Altar Until Spring. I also Leave a Loaf of Unsliced Bread at Trivas or Crossroads of three at midnight and a large cermonial solomistic offerering outside


I am a daughter of Hekate. I worship and praise her daily. But yes on the celebration of Hekate ill be doing bread, Cloves, honey lavender, mandrake, wormwood, and hickory for her. I live at a crossroads but its super busy. So ill be having a bonfire for her. Ill say a prayer to her and throw my ingredients into the flame. And then meditate while looking at the flame and see if she comes again like she did last yr. She sent hell hounds before she came. I had pics of her and the hounds on my old phone.


Warm greetings @Troy!

I have the Night of Hekate (November 16th) and the Night of Hekate at the Crossroads (November 30th) on my calendar, but I hadn’t heard of Hekate Trivia Day before. A quick search showed me that Trivia is another name that Hekate goes by- if I knew this before I had completely forgotten about it! Thank you for bringing it up, Troy :pray::blush:

It sounds like you (and @Mistress_Of_Herbs too!) have some wonderful plans in store- wishing you all the best as your honor Hekate on Her special night(s). Blessed ritual work and celebrations! :old_key: :sparkles:


@BryWisteria i too celebrate on Nov 16th. But each to their own.


Very true! :raised_hands: Wishing blessed celebrations to all, whenever they choose to celebrate :pray::heart:


I’ve heard both dates before, I have also heard its around the opening and closing of the Eleusinian Greater Mysteries, which are still held in Greece now Athens since the original city is no more. I know of this from a closed practice I belong to as well and mention it only as Hekate is part of it. During November I Celebrate at each moon phase and on the 30th but I do more on the 30 as I live at a real Trivia Crossroad, so it carries a bit more resonate with myself. I have seen her and her hounds before as well, it was actually before i knew her as Hekate. I was out with stupid friends we took a lot of mushrooms. I went home in a black room. she and her hounds came through the wall, i was scared at first, she said she ment no harm. that’s how i know she’s been around my whole life. even early when i was even younger and was having night terrors she came in a dream to teach me to lucid dream. Since that age I control all my dreams. So that’s why I do the month the way i do.


Lucid Dreaming is truly a wonderful gift to be blessed with :pray::two_hearts:

It sounds like you have designed a practice and routine for honoring Hekate that works very well for you- I think that’s amazing, Troy! I am wishing you all the best with your work with Hekate this month. May She continue to watch over and aid you :black_heart: :old_key: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


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