Trying to figure out what this is can anyone help

A coworker of mine gifted me this little bottle down below, that she received from a friend of hers. However we can neither figure out what it is. If someone could please help me figure it out I would appreciate it very much.


It’s a witch bottle with a sigil on it. (Thank you, Captain Obvious).

What kind of witch bottle is anybody’s guess. I see what looks to me like herbs in oil. I don’t know what to tell you about the sigil.

I wouldn’t trust it though. Remember Snow White and the apple…


That’s what I was thinking also. I was trying to figure out what the sigil was on it, but when I searched through google lens I haven’t been able to find anything out about it.


How does it make you feel? Looks can be whatever but the energy never lies… could be a gift given out of love or fear, hard to tell from the picture. Maybe even more important, how did it feel to receive it? Your co-worker’s energy when she gave it to you can reveal the purpose of the gift.

I hope it’s something sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Or, if it’s something dark, you can find out and no one gets hurt.

Hmmm… now I’m thinking… would a return to sender spell work here? :thinking:


@CelestiaMoon well said


That symbol almost looks the planetary symbol for Jupiter. I’m even seeing a bit of Saturn’s. Maybe it’s just a highly stylized version?

Like CelestiaMoon says, what kind of energy is the bottle giving off? If you get along with this coworker, it could just be a gift they wanted to give you. If you don’t get along well, I’d be super wary and throw it out if you sense something off about it.

EDIT: If the symbol is indeed Jupiter’s, I would say you have nothing to worry about since it represents luck, growth, abundance, optimism and understanding. Saturn’s, on the other hand, represents structure, law, restriction, discipline, responsibility, obligation, ambition.

This might be a bottle wishing you good luck and abundance, but remember to be responsible with your newfound wealth and don’t squander it? Might be overthinking this. :sweat_smile:


I agree that it’s a witch bottle with a sigil and some herbs, but I also agree that you should test out the energy first before using it. The sigil does look kind of like the symbol of Jupiter and Saturn combined.

I think if that’s the case, and if you can smell some of the herbs, it might be for luck or prosperity. Is there any way you can ask the person who made it?


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