Turmeric Properties

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I have completed the green witch course on the spells8 site. I found out so many interesting uses forndifferent things, many of which i have in my greenhouse, garden or cupboards. I have recorded what i have learned in my BOS.

I was wondering about turmeric though as it wasnt included.

I know it has many medicinal uses but Could anyone explain the magical uses? Also what are the correspondences in terms of masc/fem, element,.planet and zodiac? I have searched online but finding conflicting answers.

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I’ve been using it for activating the solar plexus chakra, which would also correspond with the Sun, and thus the divine masculine. I can’t really give any sources for it other than “intuition and things I’ve read somewhere”. It’s also naturally warming, which speaks for the Sun connection. :sun:


Those are some awesome pages in your BOS! I love :heart: your artwork!


Awww yes, beautiful and very detailed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This BOS is the thing that dreams are made of. I’m gonna have to take a water color course and work on my drawing skills. Beautiful work!


This is a great question! I’ve got turmeric in my pantry, though I haven’t used it in my spellwork. I went searching and found a few things. I’ll quote some here and leave you some links!

Nobody seems to be able to agree on what elemental correspondences go with this herb. Some say air, while one source I found said fire. While fire makes sense to me, I would probably say earth.

In India, turmeric seems to function as a sacred anointment. It’s used for brides and grooms during the pre-wedding haldi ceremony, girls entering puberty, and the bodies of the dead. Most of the sources for witchcraft uses of turmeric cite purification as one of its properties, so, while I doubt that its associations in Indian culture are exactly the same, this makes a lot of sense.

Malevolent spirits, particularly the angry dead, can be sent away with the smell of turmeric.

Turmeric is also indicated for spells for healing, strength, and vitality — since it’s a potent medicinal herb and general tonic.

Turmeric’s golden color is useful in color magic. Yellow is associated with abundance and happiness, while gold is associated with the energy of the sun, prosperity, success, and healing. (This sun energy might be an explanation for why turmeric is so useful for purification!)

Turmeric Folklore and Magical Uses – Marble Crow

Turmeric has been used in many cultures for increasing fertility in both humans and animals. Some swear by wearing Turmeric in a charm for good health and protection. For protective purposes in a ritual circle, Turmeric is sometimes sprinkled within its boundaries. In Hawaii, Turmeric is mixed with salt and water, then sprinkled in the area wanting purification such as a sick room or even a ritual circle.

Because Turmeric implies a symbol of purity, fertility and prosperity among the Hindus. It is used in rites and rituals. Turmeric powder along with sandal powder is used in preparing Kalabha to be poured on the presiding deities in temples.

The dried Turmeric roots in Betel leaves called Kumkum are given to the women during the ceremonies as they are considered as a fertility enhancer and bring good luck. Married Hindu women apply this on their forehead longitudinally along the hair partition path to indicate the marital status or smear Turmeric paste on either side of the cheek. Turmeric paste is applied to the skin of the bride and groom before marriage in some parts of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, where it is believed to make the skin glow and keep harmful bacteria away from the body.

In southern India, the dried rhizome is often worn in an amulet as protection against evil and to bring about healing or good luck.


Planetary: Sun

Gender: Masculine

Zodiac: Leo

Element: Fire

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Powers: Fertility, Health, Purification, Protection

Deity: Kaali, Naaga, Vishnu, Durga, Lord Krishna, Ganesh, Kali [Hindu]

Other Names: Olena [Hawaiian]

what are the magickal properties of turmeric – WytchenCrafts


Thank you so much for your kind comments. I do love drawing and doodling.

Aww thank you. I just used felt pens to do mine.

Thank you for your kind words :pray:


Thank you so much for taking the time to find this. The first quote is the one i found which siggested 3 different elements. Having read the other one and suggestions in other posts, id tend to agree with saying fire. The second quote has lots of useful info.

Many thanks again

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Umm you literally have like the perfect BoS. This is like what I aspire for mine to look like. Not gonna lie mine is pretty good I think :smirk::nerd_face:… But THIS? this is #GOALZ :comet::mirror_ball::diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :blue_book::cyclone: I love turmeric & I feel like I’ve heard a bunch of different (often conflicting) info?

—Hazel RAE
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Your BoS is absolutely gorgeous @Cosmic_Curiosity- it’s gone past an art and ascended to a masterpiece :sparkles::open_book: Seriously, the hand-drawn pictures with all of the symbol correspondences? This is real BoS goals right here! :raised_hands: :heart_eyes:

There’s been some helpful info about the magickal properties shared above. I just double checked the reference pages in the Green Witch book I’m reading, but unfortunately turmeric isn’t one of the herbs they cover. Boo.

An herbal medicine book I recently read does have quite a bit of information on turmeric- mostly medicinal, but with some notes that may be of interest in including in a BoS. I’ve also found that the medicinal properties of an herb often tend to mirror or be similar to their magickal properties (which makes sense in my mind, and sure makes it easier for me to remember what is what! :smile:)

Here are the pages on turmeric and its uses:

From The Essential Guide to Women’s Herbal Medicine: Turmeric

Wishing you all the best with your quest for more info on turmeric- I’m sure it will make another beautiful entry into your BoS! :open_book: :blush:

Blessed be :sparkles:


You’re very welcome!

See, the cool thing about ingredients that don’t have a common or cultural magickal association is that you get to decide what it means to you based on your experiences with the ingredient. If you feel like it’s associated with fire, then that’s what works for you. If turmeric works best for you in banishing work then that’s what works!


You drew that? Talk about magick! That’s amazing! I’ve always been so impressed by people who can do art like that. I need a ruler to draw a straight line and a compass to draw a curve.

It is really is beautiful, even the penmanship. I think you could have a career as an illustrator if you wanted it.


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