Turn Chaos into Motivation! 🎉

When life gets chaotic, many people often get overwhelmed and turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms. But not you, witch! Instead, you know your power.

Chaos to Motivation

Use this spell to help turn your chaos into motivation - get your productivity flowing and obstacles out of your way!

You will need:

  • a piece of paper
  • a pen or pencil
  • incense *optional
  1. Set your sacred space in whatever way you choose. You can cast a circle, light a candle, or burn some incense that helps you feel calm and in control.

  2. Take your paper in front of you and close your eyes. Visualize your chaos, everything around you that’s going wrong. Take three slow, deep breaths, seeing and feeling this chaos as clearly as you can.

  3. Open your eyes and grab your pen. At the bottom of your paper, begin to scribble. This should be a random scribble, circling around and over, as much as you want.

  4. When you feel like your chaos is represented on paper, stop scribbling. Take your pen and draw an arrow from the chaos of your scribble to the top of the page. As you do so, you may choose to say this chant.

From disorder, I draw my strength,
From chaos, I find my fire,
With every obstacle and turbulent wave,
My spirit rises higher and higher.

  1. Fold the paper in half away from you, toward the direction of the arrow. Turn the page to the left and fold it again, still away from you. One last time, turn the paper to the left and fold the paper away from you. Carry it with you in your wallet or pocket as your chaos turns to motivation!

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Have you ever experienced a period of motivation or a boost of energy amidst the chaos? How did you turn that hectic time around in your favor?

Feel free to share your experiences below - and let us know if you try the spell!


Fabulous spell. 100% works, used it Friday on Pandemonium day.


That’s awesome! :clap: I’m glad it works well for you!


Oooof my mom/wife/entrepreneur/adhd brain needs this desperately! :joy:

Thanks for sharing!


haha you’re exactly like me - I needed it, too! :heart: I’m glad you like it!


Oh I love this so much. I might burn the paper afterward to send my intentions to the universe because I tend to do that often. I also love fire lol. :fire:


I think that’s a great option, too. Let me know how it works for you!


What a great idea.


I just did the chaos spell and it was very liberating.

I chose to close my eyes and when I started to scribble I started to play my pain out like a tape in my head I began replaying all the events that have hurt me over the years all the things I’ve never been able to let go of all the things that hurt me so deep that I never dealt with and once I got to the end of the tape I drew an arrow just like the spell said I released it and then said the chant. Afterwards I chose to burn it I didn’t want to keep it with me. So mote it be :infinite_roots:


Oh sweety this is so wonderful for you. Sending hugs n love from across the pond. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much @tracyS :people_hugging: :butterfly: :blush::sparkles: :infinite_roots:


I love this, I can’t wait to try it!


I am adding this gem to the back cover of my planner so that when I get overwhelmed, I’ll have it on hand! Just the representation of scibbles to spiral in the picture made me go “oh, yeah, perspective!” so I know it will come in handy!


@crystal59 – I love the way you took this and made it your own! :heart: That’s beautiful and really means a lot to me that the spell is helping you. Thank you for sharing!

@AileyGrey – That’s a great idea, @AileyGrey :clap: And that was my idea with the scribble to spiral. It’s like those memes you see about progress not being linear. That was the inspiration!



Thank you so much @MeganB :two_hearts: this spell really did allot for me and I’m super grateful you posted it. :blush::yellow_heart::sparkles:


@crystal59:hugs: You’re very welcome!