Twisty Bracelet 🌈 Of Spells and String Activities

I knew as soon as @TheTravelWitch posted the challenge that I was going to make one of these bracelets. I haven’t made (ever) but I used to make something similar as a child. I love knot magick and magick involving weaving anything together. I mean, I crochet and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I even braid knots into my hair and weave spells into my day in inconspicuous ways using knots and strings. There are no limits, and this little exercise just goes to show that.

I saw a tutorial recently on how to make a friendship bracelet and I thought :thought_balloon: that would be perfect for this challenge, but also for a bit of magic.

I chose colors very intentionally :rainbow: to match the spell I would weave as I created this bracelet.
Blues and yellows and greens :herb:

This specific bracelet uses a cardboard cutout with eight slits in the side, evenly spaced around. You then take seven lengths of string in various colors. I chose to use embroidery thread because it is thinner. You can use yarn if you want, or twine, ribbon, or anything else.

I’ll leave the video for how to make this one down at the bottom because it is seriously super easy.

Here are some pictures of the process and then what it looks like now that it is done.

I didn’t have a specific mantra while making this and, if I’m being 100% honest, I was actually watching a documentary about aliens :alien: however, I was very mindful of the colors and the intention behind the bracelet. Just the fact that I could sit and make it was an act of magick in itself.

I may not wear it every day, but this was a beautiful and fun experience. Plus my daughter is making one for herself, too!

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Bravo @MeganB- look at that gorgeous bracelet! :heart_eyes: And that is so cool you could make your own template out of cardboard. I’ve seen the supplies in craft stores and they’re usually pretty pricey. It’s great to know there’s a way to craft homemade tools too :grin:

The result really is stunning- you make it look so easy! But I know how talented you are when it comes to crafting. Thanks so much sharing the process and your lovely handiwork! :clap:


I wouldn’t have been able to do a mantra while tying that anyway! It’s wonderfully complicated-looking and you did an awesome job!


I’m glad you like it! I’ve seen these videos to make all kinds of cool bracelets with thread and I just never sat down to actually make one. If I had to buy a kit at the store, it would never have happened :rofl:

It was actually so simple! It is literally just moving one thread from one slot to an empty one. I mean, obviously there’s more to it than that, but the video does a nice job of showing what I mean. You should try making one!


@MeganB That was so much fun! Thank you for sharing this really cool video. I always wondered how to make these.


Ahh yay you made one too! It looks really good :smiley:


I love that tutorial… I must keep it in mind. This is when I really miss having my granddaughter close. This is the kind of thing I would love to do with her.


My daughter is making one for her friend that she left when we moved from Oregon to Florida. They’ve been exchanging letters in the mail and it is adorable!


Oh that is wonderful! I know my daughter stays in touch with friends she had from grade school. All (except her) are married with families but they still have that bond they established when they were little. It is a blessing to have people that truly ‘know’ you and have shared your life journey.


Hey all! What you think of this?
Sorry to say I did not make it. But witch I know gave these too the brides maids!
I know I read somewhere once that different numbers of knots mean different things. What does ONE big knot mean? Do the gems mean anything or is it just there to be cute? What the intention?
Lol…besides being coral one of the colors of the wedding.


That’s a beautiful bracelet, @tonia! :heart_eyes: If a witch gifted them to the bridesmaids, you can be sure that each knot is full of magickal intention :blush:. What kind of intention would depend on the witch who tied the knots!

If you are interested in learning more about Knot Magick, I recommend reading through the resources listed in the Knot Magick Challenge Page :thread:

There’s a lot to learn and knot magick is a fascinating aspect of the craft! :yarn:

Blessed be :two_hearts: