Using graveyard dirt for protective work; ancestor work

Last week, I visited cemeteries where my my departed relatives are interred. I have obtained (respectfully) a very small amount of graveyard dirt from my great grandfather and grandmother’s grave. They died before I was born.

I am interested in using this (as I informed them!) in protective work or perhaps spirit work on Samhain. I have not done spirit work before and I have purchased some herbs for that purpose. I am also making some black salt so I thought I could incorporate it into that. But are there other uses? Any ideas?

I am not interested in using it for hexing although I know it could be used for that. He did die tragically. That is one caveat. He worked at a power plant and was electrocuted. So, given that history, I may not use it all. But I would love to hear your thoughts.


I found a couple articles for you: Graveyard Dirt: How to Use It in Witchcraft & Magic - Moody Moons

I hope at least one of them worked!!!
I personally use it for protective jars and to communicate with my ancestors around Samhain.


The first thing that comes to my mind in regard to the graveyard dirt you’ve collected is simply a place for them in your home. This is a physical connection to their spirit, so giving them an altar in your home gives them a place to rest or come to when they have messages for you.

In my practice, I would be cautious about using the graveyard dirt of relatives you’ve never met, especially if you’ve never really worked with their spirit. However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t work with them. I don’t know your circumstances and how long you’ve been communicating with them.