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When casting your circles should i always cast a line of salt around the whole circle or can i just place a pile of salt by my element representations? :thinking: i know white salt is great for purification and protection but going around the whole circle uses a lot of salt and i personally like to cast a circle during meditation. As well as spell craft


hi there @Dragonfly97 :white_heart: I was just discussing this in the :o: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Circles in Magick

I totally agree with you putting it like all the way around is a lot, too much lol and I also like to cast a circle when I meditate as well! now I am noooo expert by any means :upside_down_face: this is just what I do. I have my salt with me, I am very elemental also and I take my athame, or you can use a wand, your finger, whatever feels right for you but I’ll visually draw the circle but actually like hold the item and move your hand then I’ll take pinches of salt and go around my circle while I’m casting it. Sometimes it’s the whole room. This has really been working for me and DEFINITELY saves time and salt lol I think it’s about the intention and purpose and what feels right! Again I’m no expert but I hope this helps! :white_heart::people_hugging::cyclone:

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That would definitely make since. I dont do spell work w hole lot unless necessary but i meditate almost every night so definitely go through some salt. But i loke ur idea with the sprinkle. I wounder if putting some around each element would work too?


I dont use any salt at all. Just my preference though. I visualise the circle forming around me as i meditate and call on the elements. Rather than salt at the elements, you can use other objects e.g. bowl of water, lit candle, incense stick and a rock/plant.

Id go throigh a ton of salt if i drew a circle with it :rofl:


I use a sea shell with rain water in it for water and crystals, a green candle and crystal for earth, insence and crystal for air, and a red candle and crystal for fire. Each crystal is specified for that element. I walk around my circle deosil 3 times holding my athame upwards visualizing my circle forming then i usually purify my circle then i call upon the elements and the goddess.


I don’t use salt at all, it can harm the grass if you’re casting outside and I’m too lazy to vacuum it up when inside. LOL! You can cast with just visualization, imagining a bubble enveloping the room you are in.


That’s a great question – and I can see you already got some wonderful answers! I’m just chiming in to say no, I don’t believe you need to use salt every time you cast a circle. That’s a lot of salt, for sure! And then if you cast a circle outside, you’re salting the Earth which is very bad for the environment.

I say use what you’ve got available to mark your circle if you want. Not everyone even physically marks their circle, so it’s totally a personal decision.


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