Very odd meeting

Hey all, I wanted to turn your attention to a delicate matter.

To describe a bit - my dad had a very abusive father. That would be my grandpa. I was meditating today and I don’t know why I thought of him. I said out loud to my grandpa “I hate you for what you did to my dad. I will always remember this and hold the grudge. You were not a good person and I hope you were judged for this”. The house was empty. I was home alone, 100%. Just when I finished speaking the words, i heard knocking on the door and through the glass i saw a silhouette of a person standing behind. The knocking repeated. I said out loud “GO AWAY, YOU ARE NOT WANTED, NOR WELCOMED HERE. YOU HAVE NO PERMISSION TO BE HERE.”. It left after a few seconds, but I was too chickened out to open the doors and leave the room for the next 30 mins or so, until hubby called me he was on the way home.

I think the veil (if you know what I mean) is already getting thinner because of 31.10 celebrations ahead… I know some of you are super pro and experienced, but there is a part of us here that are still at the beginning on our journey (including me). Whatever you are doing these days, make sure you are covered and protected. I had no idea what I saw, but my gut tells me it was nothing good. Even though I used a protection circle, it still wanted to have a shot. It might have channeled my negative emotions or something…

I know we have beautiful plans for the celebrations, but let’s never forget that safety is our number 1 priority :slight_smile: If you are unexperienced, like me, be alert at all times. Everything we do has consequences.

STAY SAFE EVERYBODY :sparkling_heart:


I’m so sorry you experienced this, it must have been unsettling for you. :heartbeat:. I don’t really openly contact ancestors, I do it through a pendulum. I ask several questions only they would know the answer to, to ensure its them. And I always say goodbye.

I have witches bells at my door, and a broom too.

When I’m talking to the demons, I always go through Loki (or whoever your deity is). If you don’t have a deity, you can use crystals around your circle, and burn incense and candles.

The biggest piece of advice given to me, was NEVER invoke a spirit/demon/entity etc if you are angry, afraid, upset, feeling unbalanced, sad or emotional. You must invoke such when you feel calm, at peace, and strong. Never feel or show fear. This can attract the wrong kind of spirit.

I’m sure others here have much more advice they can offer. Stay safe, glad you’re ok after this. :sparkling_heart:


Thanks! It was totally my fault and therefore I feel it’s a good lesson and occasion to bring it up to all my rookie friends here lol. I attracted something very wrong, but it was SOOOO easy… Like seriously, the audacity. Literally standing at the door and knocking to let it in.


I think all of us get a spook at least once. For me, I take it as proof spirits exist, for all those non believers :partying_face::heartpulse: oh and you did right by telling it to clear off. :grin:


That is one of the learnings from this forum, actually. Something calls your name? Tell it to F off and never come back hahahah!


I don’t feel like it was your fault at all, and I don’t think you should blame yourself! You were in a meditation experience when someone you don’t have a good relationship with came to your mind. Whether that was this person seeking to make a connection or not, you set your boundaries and let them know they weren’t welcome.

You were protected and alert, which is great, but you can’t blame yourself for a spirit knocking and scaring you, even if it was attracted to the emotions you were feeling. That wasn’t what you meant to do, and the protections you had in place did their job. I think this is a lesson in being aware, yes, but also that the protections serve a purpose! :heart: Don’t be so hard on yourself! :hugs:


I was alert and aware thanks to everything I read here, but TBH it was my fault. I was not entirely grounded I think and it got to me… I can’t imagine what would happen if I opened that door… Puppy-me from before spells8 would open the door for sure. Now I will forever be an advocate of staying safe and not overestimating ones own skills. People are curious and it’s good, but sometimes we might be stirring the pot a bit on our own without even knowing it :wink:

Also, just because it left the door doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Today during the night my son got very ill out of the blue and had a huge fever almost 40 C/104 F. Time for a grande house cleansing and some more prayers and meditation :sparkling_heart: I need to ask the angels and ancestors to kick its butt and send right back where it came from.


I think that’s a great idea! Humans are naturally curious, you’re right. You did the right thing by shutting all of the communication down and setting those boundaries. :clap: