Victory over technology issues😂

So i had hoped with my alyar having tv behind it that if i set iy up that i could play meditation videos ect behind the altar setup. With a few hours of trying to figure out why technology was not working for me… i finally got the ps3 to play youtube ( once sorted out the login issue with codes abd sysyem loops ). . Now have great set up :crossed_fingers:it stays that way :joy:
Some phoyos from a forest meditation video

I can also use it watch pagan and witch videos too😁 it really makes thats space dedicated and feel very much for that purpose. For learning and practice


That looks so beautiful. It is great that technology can be used to support your sacred space! :heart:


I know😁im excited i found an enchanted forest one that just magical

Its almosy like having a window into another place.

There are so many cool options

I even found one that you go on virtual trip aroynd a Canadian forest. Talk about finding a door to narnia lol its a great option if cant get outside to do an outdoor meditation ‘walk’ lol love it. Almostlike being there

And one could be a cabin style inner temple?? Ooh so many cool ines to explore


That’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes_cat:
Hope the little tech gremlins will give you peace now to enjoy your setup! :sweat_smile: :sparkling_heart:


Those are all so beautiful!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


All of this techno-magick is truly gorgeous my dear! :wink: :heart_eyes: :hugs: I looove those scenes so much! They are enchanting…:sparkling_heart:


Ive turned the lights out n got the cabin ine playing.
It just changed tge atmosphere of entire appartment. Its like it actuallt feels apart of the home and i just feel safe and comforted with it there, plsying in background n i look and watcj fpr a while then keep going wuth other stuff. But it just changed the entire feel of apartment. Like the video itself had some sort of spell of protection and calmn and just playing it sent that enerfy thtough my home maybe that tv is a part of altar maybw thats amplified the effect or energy . I dobt ecen need to fsee the video to feel its affect throughout my home, transforming into a haven and santuary. The angle of it even allows for it to be possoble that looking at it from the bed in corner of cabin and me sittinf on my bed with clear view of it, making it feel more like im looming at anothet part of home, not just looking at tv screen. I almost believe im in that cabin in forest rather than on top floor of apartment building. Its surreal but so cool too.n that sense of being safe and protecred and comforted. What i needed right now. Almost dont wabt to turn it off lol but will need to before go to bed lol.
BuT that one right now is do my favourite one, because i feel im there and irs a part of my here. And the energy its created is like a warm hug from a trusted person letting u know its going to be ok and that your not alone. Which is something i needed esp knowing my one friend see in person who knows about my pagan n witch path is soon to move away. A friend of over 20 years n the only one i see in person. I know ill have her online n i have this community online but id been worried about not having that person to go and explore and talk and celebrate the moon and stars and sabbats and nature with. Besides her n online community here i have been alone. And i guess though ibe been used to being alome most of the time outside work etc, the thought of nothaving that friend to conne t to nature without risk of danger because im alone and also having aperson to share that with n talk to about pagan n witch stuff. I dont know i guess it was affecting me more than id realised. Im used to not having many friends n not having a social life. But i guess also a person who coulf share this with in person. Or just catch up… to know i will soon loose that. Maybe thats why the energy created by the video n atmosphere of protection and comfort. Maybe it will be ways to get out without having to leave home. Maybe my clan showing me though my only friend in person may be leaving soon, that im not fully alone. Even if cant share this stuff with her in person. N only other community of any sort is online here. Its going tp be ok. And we’ll figure it out. And even if no one around physically either in general or pagan/witchy il still have online and connecting on spiritual side.
There is some comfort in that and this video has created a very calm feeliing which is nice and unusual for me lol but no less appreciated :woman_in_lotus_position:


What a great idea! I wish I had a smart TV.


Mine isjust a tv plugged into ps3 ( my brother gave me his old one from Christmas many years ago when he upgraded but not really used. But ps3 can also play youtube.
An alternative could be if could link a computer to tv ( like a laptop ) or even could try with computer or laptop screen.

I admit im lucky to of gotten donated a tv screen from parents ( again many years ago when they upgraded) and its a nice big size even if its old. It still works ok.

But even if didnt have a tv that could do that you could use a computer screen. I just used a hdmi cable to link.
Yeah i think there may of been some techno magic that might of occured lol but im sure could use similar items to create a similar effect, i guess it just depends what you hace available.


That is incredible and I love the enchanted forest one and even through pictures I could almost get lost in it


That’s a really clever idea- and gosh, you’ve found some amazing videos! The one with the rope bridge to the little cabin looks like you could walk through the screen and up to the house! These must be really fun to meditate to :person_in_lotus_position: :two_hearts:

I hope you continue to enjoy them, Phoenix! :heart::blush:


Very cool idea! And the set up looks great!


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