Virgo has a sting!

I have a question.
Never noticed before until a read an article were explained that Virgo has a sting as Scorpio. Looks more like a pseudo sting.
And they don’t use it the same way.
In fact, if remember correctly, Virgo uses the sting as selfinflicting weapon…!
I was this morning foreging earthworms for my drake Louie and I noticed a wasp flying around. It’s Virgo season and so it’s for wasps.
Any relation here: Virgo - wasps?
Am I reading too much into it?
Would love you to comment on this.
Have a great Virgo day
Just had one myself wrestling vocally with the nurse from my local surgery​:rofl::joy:
You know Virgo likes it’s tummy rubbed.
I vouch for that. My partner goes bananas when I get a chance…so ticklish :joy::rofl:.
Tauruses on the other hand loved to be rubbed all over. We know better, don’t we?:face_with_hand_over_mouth::+1:
Virgo is ruled by the Hermit.
Is the 9th trump card, get rid of that no Ionger serves you and start the cycle again.
It seems 9 is the best number to have as it gets energy from all the other numbers: 1 to 8 (1+8, 2+7 and so on).
My house number is180, 1+8=9
I am a 7, a Seeker, and see a lot in common with Hermit and 9.
I have Virgo in my chart and seem attracted to Virgoes. Is it something I lack?
Is Virgo my Achilles heel or my alter ego?
Today is 6 a number to reflect upon.
Just read it😊. According to Lisa Boswell, 666 is good, well: 6+6+6=18=9
Are 6 & 9 opposites?:thinking: