Visions and Dreams

Merry meet,
I keep having recurring dreams and visions. Some of past events and experiences. Even of things yet to come. Some involve me, but mostly they are about people associated with me. Is there a spell that can make these stop, or at least give me some advice on what to do with this information. I don’t want to scare people, but it seems unethical for me not to warn them.


Merry meet @Danthony1

I’m a big fan of dream magick, but I’m not one to rush into dream interpretations- for me, one of the key signs that dreams are worth investigating at a deeper level is if they come to the dreamer over and over. It sounds like that is exactly the case with you and your dreams- I think you’re right to start looking into them and examining them more closely :grinning:

When you dream of things in the future, have you noticed whether or not they come true? If so, take some time to look back over what you have dreamed (and if you haven’t been keeping a dream journal/log, I definitely recommend starting one! :open_book:) and reflect on what happened in the dream versus how it played out in real life.

→ If your dreams are very close to how reality plays out, and you often have foretelling dreams about events that might be avoided, then I think you’re right to want to begin thinking of ways you might warn people.

→ If your dreams only rarely foretell the future or aren’t entirely clear about how things play out, then I would urge you to be hesitant about telling people- in some cases, giving a hazy or unclear warning could potentially cause more damage and certainly a lot of stress.

My best advice for you right now is to organize your dreams to learn more about them- keep a close record (if you aren’t already doing so), begin trying to find patterns in your dreams, and see how often/accurate predictions about the future are.

Once you have a strong grasp on your dreaming powers, you’ll be in a better place to decide what to do with them- to perhaps use them to help, use them to reflect on things you may need, or to begin to “turn off” or control the dreams that aren’t useful to you.

Just my two cents- I imagine the coven will have additional thoughts and advice for you too!

Wishing you all the best- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hello @Danthony1 :wave:

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced dreams or visions that involve others – maybe only a handful of times that I can remember. I would imagine that many people that have visions like this deal with the ethical dilemma of whether or not to tell the person. Unfortunately, that’s a question that only you can answer for yourself.

Overall, I agree with everything @BryWisteria has said and don’t really have anything else to add :sweat_smile: Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


As @BryWisteria mentioned, I strongly encourage a dream journal. I keep one on my bedside table and immediately write down my dreams when I wake up, before doing anything else. I don’t try to interpret them at this point, just doing a brain dump. Later that day or week, I will then review my entries and see if I can make any sense of them.

While I don’t have a lot of visions myself, my mother does. She had a crazy dream before 9/11 that we didn’t know what it meant until it happened. Sometimes the dreams are hard to understand. She had no idea how to interpret what she saw.

I myself have really only had a handful of dreams that I would say are visions related to other people; most of mine are about me or messages from my guides/ ancestors. One that still sticks in my brain is one I had every night for a month. My then boyfriend (now husband), was riding a motorcycle and was crossing an intersection that I recognized but couldn’t place. A semi-truck runs the red light at high speeds and crashes in to him. After about a week of having this dream, I refused to let him ride his bike. He thought I was crazy, lol. After a month, they stopped just as sudden as they started. It was like I prevented it from happening. I felt silly telling him about it but it gave me such a foreboding feeling that I knew I had to.

I hope this helps!


So, taking all information to heart… keeping a dream journal, meditating and reflecting. It’s really scary not trusting myself and not understanding what the universe wants from me. We draw down the moon, cast in circles, channel some of the most powerful forces in nature through our ethereal beings and then humbly convince ourselves we aren’t the “center”. In an infinite universe, EVERY POINT is the center! That isn’t narcissism, it’s just truth. Thank you, thank all of you for your support and sharing on this topic. I’ve grown from each of your posts and wisdom. As I consult with my patron and guide some things gain clarity, others remain a mystery. I’m learning more and more how to be okay with NOT having all the answers. Thinking I can save all may be hubris. Harm ye no one, must also apply to self. Thank you all.


I think it’s a very big and humbling step to accept the unknown. The idea that there is more beyond what we are aware of can seem scary at first, but it’s actually a very positive and hopeful point of view. Good for you, Danthony! :raised_hands:

It’s a pleasure- wishing you all the best on your journey of learning and growth! :pray::heart:

Blessed be!


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