Water, Water Everywhere

Water, water everywhere, but don’t forget to drink!
A little information and the importance to stay hydrated along with a quick and easy water spell!


Awesome information and spell! It’s like a water crystal grid! :gem:

Thanks for the reminder also! As soon as I started watching I felt like drinking the earth’s entire fresh water supply :laughing:


Haha. Drink up!


Lovely information and a much-needed reminder! I just grabbed my water bottle for a swig :laughing::potable_water: Thanks for the video and spellwork, @Silverbear! Gorgeous as always :sparkling_heart:


:thinking:Gave it a heart with reservations!
Humans can live long without food but not water. A tale-tell that you’re dehydrating: apply pressure with the edge of your fingernail along the skin on your hand.
A white trail appears. The longer the mark stays, the more dehydrated you are.
Sipping throught the day helps to stay hydrated and not gulping as much as you feel like in one sitting.
My mother was rushed to hospital.
They thought she was diabetic.
Turns out she’s lost control of how much water was drinking. She’d flush most of her salt and minerals out.
The Simptoms are similar to diabetes.
Obviously this vary from person to person.
But almost everyone heard of people dying for over drinking water.
Everything in moderation!
I’ve been there, done that.
No long ago I found a clip where shows how to drink water correctly. According to it, a person must seat while drinking.
Standing position, washes down our system, seated the water flows down slower, less impact.
Another 2 interesting tips I’ve learnt long time ago:
Leave water overnight to evaporate clorine, drink water as soon as you wake up, but not without first grabbing a glass or a jar, and transfer from one glass to another, pouring about 10 times briskly.
You will energise the water, it feels like drinking sparkling water… it’s been activated with iones.

More summer than winter, have a good sip and wait a few seconds before you swallow it, you will fell less thirsty and cooler.

In India some people will drink water out of copper jars. Copper is good in moderation, better than plastic anyway.
At the base of each plastic bottle there are letters that indicate what sort of plastic is.
Use more than once or recycle!
Glass, heavier, better than plastic.
But, learned the hard way…wash bottle regularly. Hands, lips and even inside the bottle, germs are lurking.
Did you know that when bottles are filled with water, it’s poured warm?
Think about the wrong plastic leaching inside you.
There’s only 3% of drinkable water left on the planet.
You still think the water we drink come from pure springs up in the mountains?
Think again
I have no intention of annoying anyone, but facts are here, they are real.
In Spain they have 3 desalinating plants to make potable water.
Half of the Country is plagued by huge golf courses. They use water to keep grass perky, while the packed salads we consume in this Country are fed residual water.
Since these salads are to be eaten raw, imagine, is a matter of time before something goes wrong.
I come from the North.
Before long, water will become a commodity to export from North to South.
There’s a recent claim that states as summer is getting hotter, the Country is drying at a faster rate.
In 50 years time the whole of Spain would turn into a dessert.
I recycle about 1000 litres of rain a year in my little garden.
From Madrid, all the way down to Cadiz, no one collects water.
I admit is an interesting video, but slow a bit and reflect between lines… it’s not all as it seems.
Thanks for taking the time reading it.
Bless you all


Am I reading too much into it or just being carefull managing my share of water supply?

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Crystals are another way to energise water and add minerals, done properly y choosing the right one.
I’m one of those to blame for overusing water. I am diabetic. We drunk a lot more than healthier beings, when glucose levels go over the top.
We dehydrate faster than those without the condition.
In summer, I do not use dishwasher. I collect water in the sink and use it to water my indoor and outdoor plants.

I filter my tap water and destill it too.
Boil 2 litres of water for 6 hours, using a destiller(not the same using a pan, will not reach 100 degrees).
I bought a little gadget that is used to measure quality in pools and aquariums.
I tested on: tap, bottle, filtered and finally destilled.
Destilled is the best way to reduce the amount of pesticides and heavy metals in our tap water.
After each destilation, I collect a tablespoon of something that do not like water and smells fowl.
One day will gather my courage and send it to analyse.
We have free will to think about and gradually change or ignore it.

Vegetables use a lot!
People was vegetables adding bleach to water, things are changing, some people use grape juice extract nowadays.

Washing up takes up to 20litres to rinse dishes.

Some cultures use urine to wash and desinfect.
It’s air that contaminates fresh urine from healthy individuals. In extreme conditions you can drink it fresh to calm thirst.
It’s also another way of recycling: the body absorbs only what it needs.
If taking supplements is a way to efficiently absorve those expensive minerals😃
There’s an interesting article about “night soil”.
Culture like Aztecs made use of it successfully, for quite a few 100 years.
I’m not advocating it, just be sensible.
In UK, there’s a saying:
If is yellow, Leto mellow.
If is brown, flushing down.
Again be sensible.
Everyone we flush the toilet, another 20litres down.

I love showers and baths, the latter, soaking with Epsom salts and lavander at candle light and soothing music.

Washing machine is a great invention. I grew up watching women going to the river to do the washing.

I am only 56

We all have a great and essential resource, let’s use it responsibly.


That’s amazing Basil- good for you for using water sustainably and responsibly! :+1: :droplet:

I think you put this beautifully- water is an essential part of our lives, and one worth taking time to appreciate! :grin::pray:


That was a very interesting read, thank you for sharing the back of the hand tip about dehydration @basil. Thank you @SilverBear for sharing the water spell, the mysteries of life brought me to this video at the beginning of a headache. It has since subsided. Thank you water for finding me, I would credit you here if you were taggable :sweat_smile: