WC 22nd February - Full Moon in Virgo

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

We had a lot of intense and rare cosmic alignments take place during the month of February :sparkles: - The Aquarius Stellium and the first of three Saturn Uranus Squares. This Full Moon brings with it a much needed soothing vibe :white_heart: :heart: :white_heart: and is very much the highlight of the week!

Full Moon in Virgo :full_moon: 27th February 2021

VIRGO - Earth / Mutable :virgo:
RULING PLANET - Mercury :white_circle:
6th HOUSE - Health, Fitness, Pets, Services, Helping, Working, Organization :books:
COLOURS - Silvers, Greys, Purple & Violet :white_heart: :purple_heart: :white_heart:
CRYSTALS - Amethyst, Pyrite, Aventurine :crystal_ball:

Message: Soothe, Cleanse, Heal!

2021 is destined to be a transformative year :dizzy: and this Full Moon reminds us that we have arrived in the right place. Up until now, we may have found ourselves deliberating between two options or feeling uncertain about many things :woman_shrugging: We may have found our minds working in overdrive, assessing, questioning - Mercury retrograde furthering that feeling of “cloudiness” :cloud: in us. Personally, I’ve found myself quite frustrated recently and have struggled to express myself. Its almost like my brain is glitching!! I know what I want to say, write or communicate but I just cant get it out properly! :exploding_head:

Virgo Full Moon however, brings with it a calm, clarity that many of us will be incredibly thankful for :pray: It will remind us that it is in our power to make the best of wherever we are in our lives. Full Moons tend to heighten emotions - February’s Full Moon is a little softer in its energy, and will perhaps allow us to see things from a new and gentler vantage point :relieved:

This is an eyes-wide-open :eyes: time for our work, habits, health, and routines. We are likely to receive strong messages from our intuition at this time, so listen to your higher self and allow it to guide you to where you need to be :person_in_lotus_position:

Energetically, all signs will feel the influence of this Virgo full moon, but Virgo suns :sun_with_face:, as well as other Mutable signs - Sagittarius :sagittarius:, Gemini :gemini: and Pisces :pisces: might get a little extra pressure. Remember a full moon is about letting go all you no longer need to manifest your dreams. See what comes up, let it flow and then let it go!

Virgo favours clearing, refining, purging, detoxing and organizing and it very much favours launching self-improvement schemes!!

I have a big ritual planned for tomorrow night that I will share in another post coming soon :smiley:

Things to do under a Virgo Moon:

  • Self Health Improvement! Virgo loves all things healthy and routine related, so why not use this time to review your current physical and mental health :thermometer: and put some small (or large!) plans in place to improve your health. Starting a food journal :green_apple:, mood journal, new exercise routine :running_woman: - or a combination of all 3! - will be well received around this Full Moon.
  • De-Clutter your Home - Detoxifying your home :houses: or workspace is favoured under this Full Moon - start small with a cupboard or small corner of your home and I can guarantee you’ll be chomping at the bit to improve, clean and refresh as much as you possibly can before long! :star2:
  • Cleanse and Release - We could all benefit from a little cleansing and releasing activity this Full Moon! Not only does Virgo favour this sort of behaviour, it’s the perfect time to do so as it comes so quickly after Mercury Retrograde! If you acknowledged any recurring beliefs, patterns or habits that have frustrated you over the last three weeks, it’s time to let them go. Write them down on a small piece of paper :page_facing_up:, hold it close to your heart :heart: and call upon Virgo, your deities and the Universe to help you release these habits. Burn the paper, :candle: meditate and remember to THANK the Universe for its helping hand.

NB: Full Moon in the sign brings to a close any issues you were working on through the previous New Moon of the same sign. Look back on your journals and reflect :green_book:

Have a truly WONDERFUL and HEALING Full Moon xx


This is very helpful!! Thank you for the tips and ideas!

I’m going to be reading my cards tonight, and going out and admire the Moon as much as I can :full_moon:

Have a great Full Moon! :sparkles:


Oof, it that ain’t true!!!
Thanks for the info!! The timing of the moon and Mercury…phew :sweat_smile:


Beautiful- I love reading your astrological highlights, @Abs53! Thanks for sharing your wisdom :blush::heart:

I hope everyone had a very blessed full moon! :full_moon: :sparkles: