Weekly topic: best and worst witchy tv/movies

I haven’t really posted any weekly topics lately, but here goes!

What do you think are the best and worst witchy TV shows and/or movies?

I think the most realistic TV show is The Good Witch.

It was a little cheesy, but she was clairvoyant and clairsentient (I think :crazy_face:) She did realistic intentional spells like we do.

I liked Charmed and The Craft but they were outlandish.

I can’t think of the worst ones just now so I’ll come back to this later!


Oh, great question!

I’m digging through my brain and not coming up with much (can I blame Monday morning bran fog? :joy:). I think the last “witchy” movie I watched was The School for Good and Evil:

And it was just… neutral for me? There were interesting things and things that weren’t enjoyable, but it entertained my partner and I for 2 and a half hours, so there’s that at least!

I thought the first season was good, but I couldn’t get through the new season of The Witcher - the changes from the original book were too much for my partner (who really loves the books and the games) and it got painful to watch with them literally stewing in bitterness with every episode we watched :joy:

The best shows that feature magic (although not really witches? Do mages count as “witchy”? :thinking: ) I’ve watched lately are Delicious in Dungeon and Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

Both of them are 11/10, 110%, AAA rating in my book - I’ve really been enjoying them both!

I’m sure I’ve watched more magic/witchy shows but I cannot for the life of me remember any more right now :sweat_smile:

I’ll be watching along to see everyone else recommends (both to watch and to avoid!). Thanks for a fun topic, @Sivonnah! :heart:


I love love love Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic and Beautiful Creatures, The Coven. And The Good Witch, oh I could watch this over and over but I don’t have Netflix :sob:.

Worst :thinking: for me Charmed. :rofl:


I love American Horror Story: coven. It may not be the most accurate (and only females can be part of the coven) but this right here is a goal:

I also love when the students take part in a ritual known as the seven wonders to find their next leader:

Telekinesis - manipulation of objects with the mind
Concilium - mind control
Transmutation - teleporting
Divination - the sight
Pyrokinesis - create, control manipulate fire
Vitalum Vitalis - healing and ressurection
Descensum - visit your own personal hell and return

Stevie Nicks ( I adore her) also makes a guest appearance as the white witch.

Blessed be



I watched that but I don’t remember it so it didn’t catch my attention. I haven’t watched any of your other ones.

Good choices!

@Cosmic_Curiosity I liked that too. Love all the plants! I’d love a room like that! Love Stevie Nicks!


The Love Witch :grin:

By Jenni Miller


By Archieverse Wiki Fandom

Oh I also wanted to add the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina I like this show because they use the names of real demons and witches as characters in the show.


I have two worst hahahee
Passions - was a soap series (like Days of our lives) had Tabitha the witch and her tummy doll very weird show

For your entertainment https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFmlFIRTFiWi_Jj6pf5izd3_lzXR44LsF&si=bp_Jt9xJPVVQsIg0

Netflix - series “always a witch” it it pretty hard to watch soo corney, like a b grade horror level quite bad acting

Ps this is a review ## Spoiler alert if you want to watch for yourself don’t watch this ##

Hahahee this is start :)…


@crystal59 wow! Love those costumes and Sabrina! Oddly though, I never watched the last episode :crazy_face::laughing:

@tab I remember Passions but I didn’t really watch it. I haven’t heard of the other one, but I might look for a clip just for :poop: and giggles :crazy_face::laughing:


The Good Witch is one of my favorites! I think it’s one of the more realistic representations of witchcraft out there on TV. It’s such a good show and movie!

I also found Motherland interesting. It was a different take on witchcraft and magic, but very good!

Ooohhh my Gods :laughing: we love this one in my house, too!

I really also liked A Discovery of Witches and…oh… there was one more… sometime about time on Amazon Prime, I think? Gosh, I can’t even think of the tame right now. When I think of it I’ll come back here :laughing:


@tab I watched the Netflix series “ Always a Witch” and your right it was pretty corny :laughing: I watched it though I actually thought about adding it here and then I told myself Nahh so I’m glad you did :laughing: :rofl: :rofl:


The Illusionist / Μάγος Αιζενχαϊμ (2006)

from the best movies! :revolving_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Such a classic :laughing: :witch_broom: :heart:

Hahaha yes! I’m glad you’re all enjoying it too :joy: :fried_egg:



I started watching The Secret Circle. For some reason I like adolescent shows :laughing::crazy_face: I really enjoy it! https://youtu.be/P7dmds56ghs


I would have to add Sword in the Stone, because I absolutely love Mad Madam Mim


Ohh that’s wonderful @tracyS lol :grin: what an excellent choice :quartz_crystal: :crystal_ball: I use to watch that classic all the time


“I have not disappeared, madam. I am a germ, and YOU CAUGHT ME!”


@crystal59 I still love all the old Disney cartoons, never too old for them, they’re so fun :partying_face::rofl::sparkling_heart:


@georgia yes, she’s the best witch :rofl:


I agree. I have a collection of faves I like to watch regularly and a CD of songs I use to boost my mood whenever possible. Just walking into a Disney Store at the mall empowered me.