WEEKLY TOPIC: Favorite moments in 2023

I know a lot of us had a difficult 2023, but I know there have been some good times! :hugs: So let’s share and celebrate our favorite moments and/events from last year! :blush::heart::tada:

  1. My sons and I went to Phillies game for Lou Gehrig’s night! The ALS association helped pay for tickets and parking so that was helpful. It was great to spend time just the 3 of us! :blush::people_hugging::heart:

  2. My fundraiser. It was wonderful to see how generous, kind and caring people are! I discovered people do want to help and it makes them feel good too! My neighbors and a friend have been making homemade dinners for us every week. It really warmed my heart to see how many people truly care! :heart::hugs:

  3. This coven! :infinite_roots: After being diagnosed, I felt lost. I felt a very heavy energy in my home :house: and on my shoulders. My friend suggested we sage our home. I figured why not, what do I have to lose? I had felt hopeless and helpless because bad things kept happening.
    It just snowballed from there. My friend’s daughter worked at a metaphysical shop so I figured I’d check it out. That’s when I started working with crystals and I discovered witchcraft! :witch_pentacle: Then I stumbled upon Spells8 and joined the forum! I immediately felt at home here. I felt like I belonged and that I was loved :people_hugging::heart: Everyone has been so supportive and kind! Even with my mundane life! I’m forever grateful and I love you all! :blue_heart::heart::people_hugging::hugs::purple_heart:


Favourite moments of 2023 :thinking:

I found, or rather Spells8 found me. It just appeared in the Google play store one day, and now I’ve got all you fabulous witches as family. Love you :sparkling_heart::partying_face:

I committed to Loki in a fulltrui :partying_face::green_heart:

I met the demons and had a tour of hell. :rofl:

My son passed his first set of exams in college. :green_heart:

I went back into work into a new career in care, and love it. :grin:

Embraced the chaos path and ne’er looked back :exploding_head::rofl:

Yep, good things happened then and will do again. :partying_face:


I’m going to bed or I’d say more. But Im sending you love and light :candle:


Favorite parts of 2023

Finding Spells 8 while looking for ideas in how to celebrate yule when it was the 23rd of November. And thinking this is important I need to connect with other witches and embrace my witchy wierdo self. Grateful for this community.

Trying new ways of healing my trauma that were not just traditional talk therapy. Trying psychedelic assisted therapy. And connecting with parts of my psyche that i had long sense forgotten and buried. Guving them a voice and listening to them on a daily basis.

Finishing my EMDR basic training and realizing that it is time for me to write and develop my own systems to help folks learn to heal themselves.

Dressing up for my 45th birthday as a fairy and visiting our theme park in oregon that is called Enchanted Forest

Dressing up as Arthur King of the Brittons for Halloween/


This is so cool @celineelise! you look awesome you did a great job with your costume I love it.

Do you have a picture of you dressed as the fairy too? :fairy:


I’m noticing Spells8 is a theme! :infinite_roots: :blush::heart::people_hugging:

@tracyS that’s so wonderful! :hugs:

@celineelise Fantastic :blush::heart:

@Devenne it takes some thought !


Hahahahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl: I I love it thankyou I needed this this is amazing :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


The best thing that happened to me last year was coming here . And meeting all my lovely beloved friends here

Lucifer and Satan popping in my head and saying hey I’m here. Pay attention. Meeting this dynamic duo.

Finding my strength back to stand up in my relationship and stand up against things that are wrong. I’m coming back to my body.


My favorite moment of 2023… when I was able to be a part of saving my Yorkie’s life.

She was attacked by a loose pitbull I broke my arm in half in the process of saving her life.

A stranger rushed us to the emergency vet’s. They saved her life!

She’s been my everything since I got her first week of December 2008. She was only 5 weeks old.

We were inseparable after that!!!


favorite moment i found the Spells8 made new friends here
I started a subsidized program from the computer
I started to find love for myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts: :pentagram: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts:


I didn’t get a good picture of my costume :confused: next time I dress up as a fairy I will


I will admit that 2023 was not a good year for me after losing my younger brother to suicide.

Part of what kept me focused was working on my astrology book and seeing it come together really helped me to maintain some sense of purpose and satisfaction.

I also appreciated that my relationship with my deities continued to flourish during these hard times and I am grateful for the strength that they sent me.


Continue with the theme, here. I, also, found Spells8 as my favorite part of 2023. Thank you for letting me post my books and share my life’s work.



That’s great! I’m so proud of you! :hugs::blue_heart: Sharing your journey and your love means a lot to me :kissing_heart::heart::people_hugging:


Awwww… I’m so grateful she’s still with you! :blush::heart:

@AIRAM that’s wonderful! :hugs::blue_heart:

@Cosmic_Curiosity I’m glad you found purpose while coping with your loss :heart::people_hugging: You’re presence here has been very meaningful to me! I look forward to your book!

I am certainly honored you chose to share your writing here! :heart: You shared your deeply personal and emotional story so well that I could feel what you did! Keep sharing! :heart::people_hugging:


Aww thank you for such kind words. :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face: