Weekly Witch Challenge entry-Solar Power!🌞

So as I’ve previously stated I live in England were the Sun has unfortunately ran away so for this week’s challenge I decided to learn about how I can use solar magick for when the sun returns.
In my grimoire I have started a new section called Solar Power(yes as in the Lorde song)and I have added two pages to it so far.

Hopefully one day the Sun will return and I can harness it’s energy.
Blessed Be and happy solstice!


Well clever Jem. Your book is so neatly done. Let us know when the sun comes back.
Garnet from Florida


Nice! I didn’t know the song. I’m stunned by the imagery in the music video. Thanks for the recommendation! (I’m going to post it here)


Beautiful work, @Jem1- your Solar Power section is looking amazing! I love the coloring you used on the pages, it really makes this section pop and has such fun and bright energy :sun_with_face: May the sun return for you there in England very soon- thanks for sharing this lovely challenge entry! Solstice blessings to you :sunrise_over_mountains: :sparkles::blush:

(And thanks to Francisco for adding in the song- it’s a fun one! :star_struck:)

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