✨ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Magickal Blessing

@steph Your door protection items are enchanting! Super cool :star_struck:

@Mark01 Thanks for sharing this grimoire page with us! I will print it and add it to my BoS! :+1:


When I was first starting my practice and just starting to test the water and cast a few spells I always had trouble with finding a protective prayer or chant to use before I started and that usually resulted in me skipping that step all together. However I stumbled across this and (at the moment I can’t seem to find any post within the forum or any links on Google where I may have found this so it may be from a book I read though in my head I keep hearing that it was shared with me by @Francisco though I may be completely wrong) I have used it just spoke to me so strongly that I have used it before every ritual ever since and I’ve even used it as my spell or petition for a couple of rituals as well. It’s so powerful and versatile as well and I wish I could remember the exact source that I found it from so I could give credit to them but, alas, it was so early in my practice that I copied it down and didn’t think about writing down reference points or giving credit to someone else in my B.o.S (silly as that sounds considering I owe a vast majority of my knowledge and experience to the insight and wisdom of more advanced witches than myself and obviously thanked them for the help if I was able when I received it I just hadn’t thought that it was relevant to add in my B.o.S at that point in my journey I suppose :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t2:)


If I haven’t said it before Ron, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much! It must be common for witches to be wonderful because everyone here has been amazing. I really appreciate your support, and I know others do as well!


I am working with her Persephone too! I was just wondering I know you’ve talked about Artemis have you ever talked about per Persephone? That would be a blessing in my world :earth_africa:


Good afternoon @Jeannie1! Yes I have, when I first got the amulet & ritual from my witchy box. I made a post! Persephone Dual Deity

I hope it helps you! I was learning a little about her before I do the ritual to wear her amulet on my bracelet. I’m going to look at the information again this weekend because I am set on doing her ritual tomorrow.


Thank you Valen I shared this poem with my husband and I was telling him how I really like it.


I now that Persephone Got thrown into hell although she ended up being queen of hell. She has the destroyer archetype however destroyers sometimes can also bring about healing! I just feel that I share that archetype and hopes to turn my self sabotage into healingSo I am interested in really learning about her!
Thank you so much Siofra


May this Afternoon you feel the :sun_with_face: sun beaming sunshine,
May you hear the :bird: birds chirping and have complete serenity, and stability!
May you have the gift of light :high_brightness: and a shade of gray and be balanced.
May all your burdens be light!
May you connect to the divine source and now that you are a source of divinity!
May every step you make help you have the creativity to your interconnectiveness!
May you know a purpose that fuels your fire and helps you feel whole and connected!
May your source give you strength encourage and everything you do!
May you shine :sparkles: outwards and inwardly!
May you overcome all adversaries!
Blessed be!


Nice one @Jeannie1! I like that!


I do believe you have a sincere gift with spells. Thank you Jeannie1


debra2Witch of the Ages
Miss debra, as you begin your journey in the craft, may I say, I feel the power you now wield. The power you have, has always been within you. If you think about it, you know this truth. Your spell was inspirational and I can’t wait to see how you progress.’
I loved that you called upon the Mother and the Elements, some of the most powerful entities that we can call upon.
Child, you will be a powerful Witch. Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing what will become profound wisdom.
Be safe, be blessed and know you be loved.


Here’s my entry for this week! I hope y’all like it!

Morning Prayer by Amethyst

Good Morning, Lord and Lady! I thank you for this day.
For the opportunity to eat and laugh and play.
For brand new days, giving me brand new opportunities,
Grant that I listen to you, and be a blessing to my communities.
Give me good health, and a sunny disposition,
And help me with my magical tuition.
These things of you I ask and pray,
So that I may return to thank you another day!

Blessed be!


I really like it! I always enjoy your writings! Do you mind if I add it to my BoS with credit? I would like to add it to things I do in the mornings during coffee time :coffee:


@Amethyst beautifully written as always. I really like it


Blessings from Silver Raven Wolf


“Grimoire for the Green Witch” by Ann Moura


Weekly Challenge Entry for A Magickal Blessing

I know that I have been mentioning the Persephone amulet for a little bit. Even though I had every intention of being on track & doing this around Mabon because it was more fitting. I just wasn’t able to, so I had to adjust the ritual a little for my own purposes & timing.

Yesterday I stripped my altar space & cleaned it. I had put on the new altar cloth then went through the items that were on the space. I set it up for the ritual I performed today.

Once I was ready, I did final arrangements using my parchment paper with names & questions & their items for the Spirit, succulent as earth, candle for fire, a chalice for water, & incense for air. I placed the pentacle in the center of the altar with the parchment paper & my questions under it. I stood at my altar & visualized Persephone. Her hair, outfit, torch; standing next to me at the alter with a warm light surrounding us from her torch. I used my dominant hand to trace the pentacle starting with the point for the Spirit, to the Earth, & the remaining points 3 times. I then said the following Prayer to Persephone:

Prayer to Persephone - Pinterest

Once the incense had burned out I put the amulet on my bracelet.

Once I was completely finished & I had burned the parchment in my cauldron, I rearranged my altar with the items I currently have for the altar & Samhain. I will add to it as we get closer & my plans are more set in stone.


Thank you Garnet I am learning that I can curse people or bless theme!
Amethyst- I thank you for this opportunity to laugh and enjoy this day!
Good Morning :sun_with_face:
the soul serpent gives us the opportunity for life, death and re birth.
In This symbolism
We are protected from Choas and can’t be broken!

Picture and idea from Silver RavenWolf
But I thought it is great symbolism for our unity as a coven! Infinite possibilities!
We have the circle of protection from o great mother and father
This day we have the circle of unity!
So mote it be!


Go right ahead, I’d be honored! Thank you!

Thank you, @crystal24! Glad you liked it!

That’s a beautiful spell you found! I hope it helps you!

Laughter is the best medicine! Keeps the boogeyman away.