:witch_cauldron: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Witch's Cauldron


my favorite cauldron!
I also offer herbs, spices and cinnamon
and sage for space clearing
heat the candles until they melt

how many jobs a magical cauldron!


Challenge Entry

My cauldron is pretty small, smaller than I thought it would be, but that’s fine with me. Over the years, I have used it as scrying mirror, an offering bowl, but now, it’s the place where I lay my smoking palo santo sticks.

Tip: never put crystals and water in a cast iron cauldron. It must rust like mine did, but luckily, some vinegar cleared the rust away.

My coffee mug that shaped like a cauldron and says “witch’s brew’ counts as a cauldron, right? :laughing:

P.S. I think my palo santo stick has just about had it, and needs to be thrown out in the woods.


Wait till I see mine more of a makeshift cauldron. Not like these. But it works


Challenge Entry

I have a small collection of cauldrons. I’ve never used them at the same time, but I thought it would be perfect for the challenge. Another thing I have never done is burn a charcoal disk in the house. I was afraid it would be to smokey. It’s been a rough week, so I decided to do a self love spell and incorporate my cauldrons. It wasn’t as smokey as I thought it would be. :cauldron: :dressed_candle: :fire:


I have two liners for my crockpot, one I use for mundane cooking and the other I cleansed and consecrated for magickal purposes. Although if I want to put a little OOMPH into my cooking I will sometimes cleanse and charge my other liner for cooking.
I use the second one mostly for making oils, spells, simmering pots, etc. Not only does it save on electricity but I don’t have to worry about mixing potentially deadly “ingredients” or excess oils into my food. I am on the lookout for a tiny one I saw once in a charity shop to use for oils, wax melts, warming resins, etc. that I could put on or near my altar.
Some people I’m a bit odd for doing this but since I practice kitchen magick it makes perfect sense to me. :smile_cat:


It makes perfect sense to me too! That’s a wonderful idea!


Challenge Entry - A Witch’s Cauldron (part 2)

So I had time, felt good, and was inspired to try making my own cauldron again. This time I didn’t rush it, had a clearer plan ahead of time, and really enjoyed the process. Here’s cauldron #2

(Pictures taken before firing the cauldron and adding handle rings)



Wow that is beautiful!!!


Challenge Entry

Oh I love cauldrons I only have one, and I use it to burn herbs or I put a tea light inside and use it to meditate. It’s small but I love it.

Sits on my alter I also added a charm. Was originally a candle inside and when it was done I cleaned it out so I had my very own cauldron. )0(


This sound lovely :heart_eyes:


I love a good :fire: :laughing::blush:


I have been so out of it this week being sick that I hadn’t honestly realized the full moon is upon us until… ummm tonight :laughing: figured I’d take advantage of it. I cleansed both cauldrons with palo santo smoke and they are perched on my window sill overnight to charge!

My second cauldron is such a cute little thing :smiling_face:

(Pictures after firing it)


Ok everybody this is my cauldron as suggested by @tracyS

A pan with a handle lol

You might be a redneck if your cauldron is a stove pot. Nah I’m just joking around. Sounded good. Lol. No judgements made on my part thru the statement. :face_with_peeking_eye:


This picture is absolutely incredible so mystical! :sparkles::sparkles:


My favorite is burning bay Leaf in the Cauldron. To me the cauldron represents the creation of transformation. It is a representation of Wicca and witchcraft. There are myths and legends that are in reference to the Cauldron and that are the brews and potions, inside is the vessel that represents the womb. The great myth about Cerce who had a poisonous substance that had herbs inside of it, and was also mix with sea water. It was deadly. Elixers are made. This can be a state of consciousness in regards to trauma and the cauldron May increase one’s psychic abilities. If we can dig deeper into our shawdow work we can find an ability to move forward after feeling close to death. We can connect to our ancestors and find strength. We can connect to our inner goddess within ourselves and connect to the cave Caves inside our womb. For me for Samhain I made an offering to my great mother Hecate who helps aid me during this time of the dark night of my soul! Finding the strength to move forward is within! I’m constantly meditating to keep myself focused. I ushally get some bay leaf :leaves: and burn what is no longer serving me during a waning moon :crescent_moon:.
There’s other Goddesses like Salene and she is connected to the moon. I’ve been working with the archetype of the black sheep, letting go of regret and transforming into the woman I want to be. I will be starting school in January so I am excited this means i am transforming into a woman I wanted to be. The consciousness of rebirth within my souls desires. I am doing my passion which is being outside in nature and working to work with park and recreation.

I have a shelf with two different alters for Hecate one for spells eight and one for Covina.
I went to Michael’s and got the cauldron there and painted it black. Black sends all the negative back! So what’s burning :fire: in your cauldron? Is it pain from the past? For me I was totally violated as a child so I have deep child wounds that constantly need healing. I sometimes burn :fire: in the cauldron but it will come back then I have to burn it again to release the old wounds!

The second cauldron is amethyst that helps aiding addiction and helps with dreams. Inside there’s my black salt :salt: I always keep Magickal Black Salt!
I found the recipe here you just mix the black coal with salt! I like the
Celtic Salt you can buy it on eBay it’s the best quality so far! But if you want to buy a cauldron you can go to Temu they inexpensive cauldrons on that cite . Some people don’t like to buy from a outside country but I don’t mind.
Blessed be
Hail Hecate!


Challenge Entry- A Cautionary Tale or Two

I was about 5 or 6 when a lit candle fell over on the top of the TV. Mom yelled at me to grab her metal trash can from her bedroom. The fire burned the trash, bag, and hair clippings as well as the candle and the crocheted doily. She said the candle was probably set onto a fold in the fabric, but she never used crocheting under candles again. The fire blackened the trash can, inside and out, and was so hot it left a melted ring in the carpet.

In the early 1990’s, I had a brass cup which was inlaid with enamel. Very pretty. It was about the size of the cup we used in the bathroom for brushing teeth. One day, I used it to burn a piece of paper. The brass got so hot the enamel darkened and was never the same again.

The moral of these stories is to be cautious with any burning and to use only cauldrons specifically made for fire safety.


Yes I can’t causion this enough thank you Georgia the last one I posted was an ornamental. Unfortunately you can’t burn anything in it. But I cut up paper bay leaf and then dress up my book of Shawdows with it, Thank you for that reminder to be safe and use caution :warning: Make sure it is out before leaving the room. For the sake of this challenge this is my go to Cauldron
I am lighting cedar for Isis. It is cedar. It has been around since the beginning so it has my will raised up! That’s a lot of energy! Can you imagine how much had been burned in there?
I wanted to Share this book cause it’s one of my favorites

Celtic Spirituality is all about the feminine power. My friend is Celtic and she is a warrior! interesting read. Edson McCoy is a fantastic author and it is a little bit older but I love it.

Quote from the book :books: “ This warrior woman knows when to fight like a lion… The courage of her convictions is her shield, her Soul is her spear in her. Will is her cauldron.”

I love that the Celts have so much respect for o e another. There Art :framed_picture: is so inspirational.


Thank you Artemisa that’s an excellent idea and point to cleanse your cauldron. I’m going to put my moon water outside cause I know we are going to have that Aquarius :aquarius: moon and I need to cleanse my cauldron. I did clean up my area so that’s good. Thank you :blush: for that wisdom!


100%! Coffee is its own magic. :joy: :black_heart:


challenge entry
I felt maybe this one was fitting. Ive been using the analogy that i feel like someone has decided to grab my life deck and throw it in the air to pkay 52 pick up…with all the changes and things going on, life does feel very much uncertain…
I was thinking about the challenge n what could do and the thought occured to me esp with analogy of cards, 52 pick up and lets face it i do like my divination systems :laughing:
Well i remembered coming accross a spread based on cauldron. I thought i could tie into challenge somehow but when i actually looked up the spread i realised how fitting it really was.
It is called Cerridwens Cauldron spread and Cerridwen being a member of my clan and one of guardians it also seemed fitting.
I screen shotted the description from guide book on app to show the spread

This was the spread i got using the druidcraft tarot

Card 1 : place of sea foam

Card 2: place of vevain

Card 3 : place of rowan berries

Card 4: place of lesser celedine

Card 5: place of wort ( or flixweed)

The biggest reason the spread became my challenge entry wasnt just cause it was based on cauldron theme but rather one of its main uses " for encouraging insight when everything seems ro be in a state of flux" as mentioned in the guidebook for the spread. Im looking for new job, ive been on leave from burn out, starting new courses, my routine is all over the place n even smaller things like my psychs office moving ( n unfortunatly its further away)… just to name a few, so while yes it is a spread based on a cauldron theme, connected to a deity linked to wisdom n cauldrons but also seemed fitting spread tp help me this week while everything seems like pieces or parts of my life have all just been thrown in the air and fall where they may. The uncertainty n unknown is stressful n causing me to feel like ive become a bit disconnected abd flustered. N i needed to ground myself n find a way forward through this time of ALOT of changes… n uncertainty… so as i trytrymake the challenges relebent to whats going on if i can which also helps personalise it but also feels that it makes the exploring themes more powerful cause im making it relevent n not just for the sake of it, which helps me engage more. Not sure if that makes sense.
One thing will note, and only time will tell how it turns out but today i put in first full application for job in a while. Its been 11 years in this job, ive redone resume a few times in that tine, looked up jobs etc but i think today closest been to moving on n to a job with far less travel than the 3 hrs on public transport a day. N its one working in a place ive wanted to do for a long time… so hopefully it goes ok, if not i know at least the types of jobs looking at moving into. . N maybe being closer to home might help prevent burn out. I did actually find rhe spread did as it was intended and helped bring insight during this time of uncertainty so i see it as worth doing amd exploring this spread :grin: