🎎 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Witch's Collection

I’m trying not to go too overboard with photos but… I may not succeed :laughing:

Let’s start with the biggest one first - my gemstone and crystal collection. You can see the bulk of the photos here but this little bowl sits on my desk currently.

Most of the stones/crystals are from my jewelry business, leftover supplies from when I made beaded creations. I still pick up rocks and stones that call to me during my runs.

Next would be my feather collection. Before anyone angrily @s me about this topic - I will put up this information. Yes, I am aware that in the United States possessing feathers from a species of bird protected by the migratory act, no matter how they were found, is illegal. And FWIW, most species in the United States are covered by that law. Here’s more in-depth information on it - https://foundfeathers.org/2021/11/23/collecting-bird-feathers-in-the-us/ . I do not sell any of my feathers, nor are they used in any craft/art project that I sell or give away. That being said :dash:, they are an item that I run across almost every time I step outside. They call to me. I don’t know what it is about them but it’s hard to pass one up when I find one.

I guess the next would be a newer collection for me. First fed by my magickal practice and then by my herbalism studies and training… herbs!

Semi-related is my pressed flower and plant collection.

I am for sure a science nerd and trained to take field notes of observations and that led me to press flowers first for herbarium cards, but then for use in crafts and projects.

Books in general but also specific magickal texts and herbalism texts. As well as my absolute love of blank journals waiting to be filled!

Terrariums(and one planted aquarium)

Dead bugs and bones that I’ve found (blurred for those who don’t want to view)

Flower crowns

Tarot & Oracle Decks

Mini deity statues (with more journals behind them!

Random seeds and things

And not directly related to my practice but since I saw both of these while taking photos of the others…
Running tutus

and prints from the animals who’ve passed from my work

Too much? :rofl: maybe so. Most of my collections, I make an effort to find free items or create the item myself so as to keep spending down some. In any case, I enjoyed sharing my collections and I hope you enjoyed peeking into my world of stuff.


Not a witchy collection technically but the artist from the first picture in the post, Britt/Evergreenqveen! I love her work so much! I have a few of her prints. :sparkles:


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry

There are three things that I ‘collect’ for my craft:

  1. Books, books and books. I also ahem collect books. :wink: At any given time, I am reading 2-3 books on witchcraft. I just completed “The Historiography of Horny Things”, which was fantastic by the way, and am currently reading The Picatrix and Regardie’s Golden Dawn.

  2. I have been fortunate enough to obtain a few amazing tarot and oracle decks. Each provides a slightly different ‘view’, if you will. One habit I’ve developed is to use my Angel and my demon decks together. I find the insight unparalleled.

  3. I also have a lovely collection of herbs. One thing about hoodoo in particular is that there are certain specific herbs that are used that one may not find too easily. Here is where being able to substitute is a blessed thing!

One thing, I was living in a different state for part of 2022. I ordered a set of crystals/minerals that didn’t arrive. So, I ordered it again. When I returned home, the first order was waiting for me, along with my original set. :blush: So, even though it can never be said that I collect them, I ended up with three lovely sets! :rofl:

A section of my humble altar -


Your collections are amazing! At a glance, I would guess that you are attracted to the Air and Earth elements predominantly. The mini-terrariums are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!


AAAKKK!! Your collection is fantastic!!
The Visconti, Marseille, Bauer, Thelema…simply WOW :sunglasses:

I was looking intot he ViceVersa deck, but hesitated. How do you like it?

Thank you for sharing!


@Artemisia this is an incredible collection I had so much fun looking :eyes: at everything thank you so much for giving us a peek at your collection the feathers ,dead bugs and bones were
among the most intriguing to me and the terrariums they were super cool too I could see allot of work went into putting them together and I love your flower :cherry_blossom: crowns.


Weekly challenge- A witch’s Collection @TheMuslimWitch

Here is my witch collection :blush::

Incense collection …

Candle collection

Tea collection…

Crystal collection…

Tarot collection…

Witch doll collection…

Herb collection…

Witch hat collection…


Oh, my Goddess, I am soo excited about this one!! I have been reading tarot and oracle cards for nearly 25 years now, so I have amassed quite a collection. I have well over 100 decks by now. I also have a crazy amount of crystals- definitely hundreds of those, too! This is going to be fun!! :grinning: :heart:


Greetings! My challenge-entry seems so minimal compared to some of the amazing collections the coven members have been sharing :star_struck:, but here goes:

My witchy items this far seem to be increasing in 2 areas and could very well turn into legit collections:

  1. Everything Celtic
  2. The Moon

This was not intentional, it’s where my path keeps leading me!

I had to take a photo of my new :crescent_moon: pillow (I should have never stepped foot in Michael’s :joy:) separately as it wouldn’t fit in frame. Most of my other moon items are jewelry with the moon phases on them! Also, I threw in a pic of my Funko pops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Non-witchy, but a fun collection! :snowflake:


It’s lovely :sparkling_heart:


Beautiful @TheMuslimWitch I love all the things you have acquired in your craft I like that your witchy hats are hand made like your witch dolls and your crystal spheres are lovely to look at along with your skittles candles I bet they smell so good I’ve never seen them before. I also really like your purple skull potion bottle i just started making some beautiful potions with mica glitter. Thank you for sharing your witch collection :blush: blessed be. :sparkles::crystal_ball:


Lovely collection @ArcticCharm i really like your moon pillow :last_quarter_moon_with_face: and offering bowl your funky pops are pretty cool too. :blush::two_hearts::two_hearts:


How amazing… :sparkles::heart::sparkles:


Challenge Entry

:wave: OCD me has to share, I finished all “my collecting” (I would have to say it is collecting at this point, but I’m probably never going to be done) and organizing and here is the result of my funny wired brain. (and yes, lots of things are still wrapped, my granddaughter and I are doing our full out “on new stuff” cleansing and blessing ritual this weekend, it will be our first ritual and first spellwork together, we’re so excited).

Oh and I’m now the queen of train cases according to my daughters and granddaughter!

This is our intention writing case

This is our smoking/incense case

This is our spell jar/bag case

These are our handy dandy portable altars and our lovely new altar cloths

These are our altar cases

Our new apothecary cabinet

Our crystal collection and the new ones and crystal confetti I’m trying to identify (what a chore)

Our apothecary sets with the candy boxes I repurposed with my scrapbooking goodies

Our witchy salt bowls ready to go

And last but not the least, this lovely find, our antique ritual tea set. I found this in a quaint little antique shop and the wonderful owner of the shop told me it actually belonged to her parents. They grew up together and were high school sweethearts and right after graduation with plans to marry, her dad was drafted and was going overseas. He asked his sweetie if she would wait for him… She said heck no! I’m coming with you! They are both in their mid 80’s, still married, still hold hands on walks and have a HUGE family. This beautiful set was purchased over there and brought home with them.
I love this, and I love the energy that this tea set has, I will never cleanse this set.

Oh and just so you know how bad my OCD is, I also collect scrapbooking stuff :crazy_face: and spreadsheets :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: !

and I didn’t take a pic of the other wall LOL!

I love everyone’s entries, so many wonderful things!

Blessed Be.


challenge entry

I have many more crystals but I’m putting them together in my new piece of furniture especially for my crystals and supplies

And those are just the long incense not the short ones lol

LOVING this challenge it’s so fun to see everyone else’s tools supplies and everything!

----Hazel RAE :pisces::capricorn::sagittarius:


Stunning @Hazel_Rae is that moon a painting on your wall? It’s beautiful I like your spell jars. :blush::butterfly::heartpulse:


Thank u :blush: the skittle candles were from a supermarket here called IGA and the purple mica skull potion was originally in a kitchen jar but one day just browsing a dollar store found it for $4.50. The mixed hat I had made which was my first ever crochet and the one with blue and purple with mushrooms my mum mad along with the mushroom hat :blush::heart:


Wow love the book collection I would be in paradise with a selection like that :star_struck::blush:


My collection has
books of magic more elemental magic and reiki
amethyst quartz tourmaline crystals
candles all colors
jars of different herbs
stones pebbles
seagull feathers
incense with various powders
sigles stamps


I remember when you posted this last time I was obsessed with it im saving up to buy my own kit from magick by mariposa I love all your items your daughters lucky you keep everything so organized where did you get those portable alter tables? I would love to have one It would make my practice easier thank you so much for sharing I thought of you when this challenge came up. :blush::sparkles::crystal_ball::heartpulse::two_hearts::sparkling_heart: