:witch_broom: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Blessed Besoms

I was lucky today and found what I hope is some perfect grass that will work on creating my besom tomorrow!

(from the property at work)

(the batch on the left was collected from along the highway on the way home)


I made my besom today! I just have to consecrate it. Im a crafter and I like to make things a little different.

I’m thinking about putting some sigils on the broomstick :blush:



I’ve never been overly fond of the traditional besom for ritual use. They are, in my opinion, perfect for over the door though.

Smaller ones are great for so many places. I saw where someone had, on a small tree, hung several mini ones among some Witch’s Bells.

Given the space I currently have, physical sweeping doesn’t really work for me. Given that, I use mine for “I sweep away” type spells and symbolic cleaning before a larger ritual.

I stumbled across a children’s costume accessory that really spoke to me. I think I paid $4 for it from Halloween clearance. It’s a black handle with tulle wrapped asymmetrically on the end and stands maybe 3 feet tall. It hangs on the wall at a level that it appears to be standing and adds amazing energy to my space.


Absolutely amazing


It’s beautiful :sparkling_heart::sparkles: :witch_broom:


That is stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Fantastic job, well done to you!


Challenge Entry :sparkles:
I Have never used brooms or bessoms with intention in any rituals, but I have some symbolism of brooms though my apartment.

My mom loves this vase, and there are always new “seasonal” decorations in it. This autumn we have some broom-like dried plants.

And these will be added later as well, to fill the left out space. I asked my mom to leave me one besom to try it in rituals.
I love adding new things to my practice :broom::sparkles:

This week my entry is a bit dry, sorry. Hope I can do better next week .


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Don’t mind me squealing over all of these beautiful brooms- they are so much fun to see! :heart_eyes: :broom: Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their besoms, broom wisdom, sweeping history, and more so far- it has been a pleasure to see and hear about your treasures :heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :witch_broom: :sparkles:


One of my favorite old broom uses is to hang one upside down beside your door to ensure that guests don’t overstay their welcome.

A few years back, I went deep into a solitary ritual phase while my husband was on a 5-month work assignment on the other side of the state. When I’d pass the inverted broom approaching the door to answer any unexpected knock, I’d reflexively whisper “may you stay only as long as our energy aligns.” This became a charmed thought that made me grin and fed my welcoming spirit.

This was the broom. I gifted it to a friend who was moving into her first home just as I was moving to a new state, and I haven’t yet made a replacement.

I keep these two besoms above my altar for ritual cleansing. I didn’t make them, and I hope the crafter who did doesn’t see this because they both could stand some TLC. :woman_facepalming:


Challenge entry.

Well, I checked my massive collection of notes and information and not once did the word “besom” appear. Clearly, this has been a gap in my knowledge!

I tried checking a couple of books, but so far, it seems @MeganB has more information in her pinky finger than the books I looked through did at all. (Over in Witches Dance - #44 by MeganB we learnt the origins and pronunciation of the word with her guidance.)

So I decided to skip straight to the practical for once. This involved consecrating my besom.

It’s just a cheap little thing I bought online months ago to have and I haven’t used it at all yet, other than to “set the (altar) stage” for a couple of spells and rituals.

I then tried to do a little sweeping with it and found that this particular one leaves lots of tiny little traces of fibre. So actual touching-the-surface sweeping is out.

However, I can still do some symbolic sweeping! But wait, apartments don’t have back doors. They only have balconies. Time to improvise a little.

I walked to the doors to the balcony and opened them to the night air. Then instead of some sweeping motions as planned, I went a little Ningguang (character name) from Genshin Impact (game) with it.

[Genshin Impact]

(Yeah, her movements are based on things. But I don’t know the words for them. :sweat_smile:)

Now, I’m already diving into flying ointment. I’m not going to follow the insinuations that some of these things are saying with where and how to apply it. I’ll also be careful with the ingredients. But it has uses I’m interested in, so I’ll see how I go.

Sounds like I’m yet another not super keen on besoms. But I did have a fun moment with mine anyway. :smile: :black_heart:


Beautiful spell, @tracie4 .


Challenge Entry

The closest I come to using a broom is my use of Kyanite on occasions I feel the area needs sweeping of bad energies, but…

There seems to be a challenge to make a Besom, soooo

A mulberry stick, Mulberry: Knowledge. Fortune telling. Wisdom. Willpower.
and the seed heads of a Miscanthus (spp) because I could not find any ostriches in my area,
A little twine and a cute tree and Voile abesom of sorts.

Ceansed and given the approval of my three goddesses and I’m ready to sweep any energies not desired from all the areas that may be harboring such things.

Love to you all and may your New Year be Blessed’



Just trying to keep this all tied together. I did manage to make not one but two turkey wing hand brooms from the grass I collected yesterday! I’ve got more grass still but I’m going to let it dry first while I look up more ways to make brooms!

I made the first one without taking photos as I went, so when I made my second one, I made sure I got the steps in.

Grass before cutting it to size and dividing it into bundles.

I got my bundles all ready to go for number two.

In this version, I tried “stepping up” the string for a more traditional look.

:broom: :witch_broom:


@Nixi @crystal59 @Cosmic_Curiosity
Thank you :heart: :blush:


Wow. :hugs::+1: Amazing work. I envy your craftsman skills :sparkles:


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